Sunday, 31 May 2015

Gallery: Darklands Norse - Gurrir, Troll Warrior

Gurrir, Troll Warrior has the honour of being the first model I started painting for my Norse collection. The skin and belly areas were the key points I wanted to get right before applying to the rest of the troll unit, as they are the most dominant parts of the minaiture. Although Gurrir was the first troll to be started, I actually only finished very recently, after finally coming up with a weapon colour scheme I liked - courtesy of Vortun. It is also with this figure that I experimented with purple washes to add more depth to the skin - elbows, knees ares of soreness etc While I am happy with it, there are some areas which are rough looking when compared to the later painted trolls.

I think the fierce snarling face makes Gurrir one of my favourite trolls of the set, and it is a fine example of just how detailed the miniatures are. The snout is a lot more pink than the rest of the unit, as this was still a testing stage for colours. Instead of changing it, I opted to leave it for variety and example of different colours working/or not as the case may be. I was a little surprised that the shield colours actually worked, I honestly thought the turquoise shield would have clashed, but in my opinion it seems to fit the troll nicely, especially with the battle damage and rusted cleavers.



Even at this stage, with only three trolls complete, the unit is coming together and looking like very intimidating. When you stand Gurrir and the other trolls next to the likes of Birna, it shows just how monstrous in size these things really are. I honestly cannot wait to have the unit finished and on the table, as I really want to see just what this unit of monsters can really do!

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