Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Gallery: Darklands Khthones Thoth Anax Of Ydrón By Sven

During their second Kickstarter Mierce Miniatures introduced the first digitally sculpted models to their range and today I’d like to show you my favourite of the lot. It’s Thoth, Anax of Ydrón a warlord for the Hydrar realm of the Khthones kindred.
The model was digitally sculpted by Olivier Nkweti and has very, very fine detail. Due to the structures of the scales and on the armour the model doesn’t look like a plastic kit, as so many digital sculpts do.  Still I’m sure every knowledgeable resin collector will instantly be able to tell a digitally sculpted model from a hand sculpted. I really like the quality, but I still think it’s distracting to mix digital and hand sculpts in the same race.
The paint job was straight forward as my Khthones follow a very strict colour logic. Hydrar scales are sand yellow and brown, Warlord armour is purple and capes tie them together with the regular troops by being turquoise. To break it up a little bit I added an easy stripe-pattern to the scales inspired by the real Woma (a rather rare kind of python).
While it looks really cool, the trident sadly is a rather poor choice in game, so I managed to get the hands and flails of another Hydrar model and magnetised them for an easy exchange pre-game while having the model with trident in my cabinet.
This model and also the other digital snakes convinced me once again that Mierce Miniatures is absolutely top level in the quality of their models. To produce such a flawless miniature from such a complex concept shows true skill.
My next Mierce instalment will introduce a new kindred to my collection, so stay tuned!
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  1. Huge fan of the colors used here. They pop and really fly off hte model, giving it a great fantasy vibe! Very well done.

    1. Hey Greg, thank you very much. I'm sometimes not so sure whetehr those bright paltette was the best route for the Khthones, but I'm happy that there're more people who enjoy it.

  2. Ah looks lush! The alternative arms look really cool! He was fun to design :)

    1. Thanks a lot! Thoth and Hanokh are both such great creatures. Actually I love the trident! It's one of the coolest I've seen in a long time, but the flails are just more brutal in-game. ^^