Thursday, 14 May 2015

Gallery: Darklands Norse - Vortun Troll Kappi By DiStudios

The first finished Norse Troll from my Salute 2015 haul, but not the first I have painted oddly enough! There are two more sitting on the table which technically I finished first, but Vortun is the first completed troll, that I am 100% happy with in terms of colours. With this model done, I can apply the colours set to the previous two, and in the future the rest of my Norse Troll collection...which is currently sitting at thirteen in total!

Below is the some of Mierce Miniatures background for the notorious Vortun, Troll Kappi. There are also more pictures after the jump, so be sure to read the whole post.

Vörtun is known as the gamall skjǫldr, the big shield, a shieldwall of his own, for before the crew of his skei attack he storms from the shore with his huscarls around him, bellowing his fury at the enemies of the Norse before breaking their shieldwall with brutal blows of his cleaver and the sheer bloody savagery of a Troll Jarl at war. With the enemy wall broken, Vörtun and his huscarls scatter the rest, laying into them left and right, the Norsemen mopping up the detritus of the enemy and scavenging their arms and armour, dispatching the wounded with bloodthirsty abandon whilst giving thanks to their steersman for recruiting such vicious warriors. Vörtun's reputation is now so great that other crews seek aid from the jǫtnar, seek their own Trolls to spear through shieldwalls and cut the threads of the enemy, for as the defences of their enemies grow stronger the Norse know they must be stronger still. 

I hope you enjoy the paint job and photos, I have to say that the quality of Mierce Miniature's sculpts and casts has made this model very enjoyable to work on indeed. At times the details were a little daunting and time consuming, but once complete it was definitely worth while, these models are ones that are worth taking the extra time on as sets/units of these are going to seriously draw a lot of attention from fellow gamers. Whether you use these miniatures as proxies, the Darklands game system or as display pieces, you will not be disappointed.

I highly recommend that you check out Mierce Miniatures and the Darklands range, it is in my opinion the best dark fantasy miniature game on the market in terms of miniatures and background, and currently they have what in my opinion is an excellent gaming system in development. Check out their site by clicking HERE.

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the of this awesome unit, please click on the troll name: Gjoll, Unnolg, Gurrir, Nisurl, Group Shot

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  1. Amazing model Chris! Just fantastic!

    1. Thanks Greg! I am just happy that I can now extend the same metal colours (and snout) to the other two from last week, bar the axe heads they are pretty much complete.