Monday, 20 April 2015

Site News: The Week Ahead!

Greetings all, it's a little bit quiet around here right now as Hellstrom and I gear up for Salute. Money will be spent, beer will flow (The Spice!) and hopefully the day will end with bags full of toys! As for this ever so slow week, both Hellstrom and I have made the final tweaks to our respective Horus Heresy 2000 point lists and now we are on the final leg of our painting journey before our game. We should be getting our final pre-show Forge World order, which contains two more Dreadclaws for me and some more Gorgon nastiness for Hellstrom by the end of the week.

- I am a bit more of an 'Asian Jay', but frankly Hellstrom is Bob's evil twin -

What about the show? Well there are two companies that are on our hit list (other than Forge World of course!) - Prodos Games and Mierce Miniatures.

Prodos Games have been showing off a lot of new Imperial renders on the run up to Salute. we have seen shots of the what look like Grey Ghosts, Wolfbane, the Necromower and my personal favourite the Mourning Wolves. Having never gotten round to Imperial, this is probably the best time to get into something outside of the WWI Trencher look.


Mierce Miniatures is a range I have been keeping my eyes on the range since it's first Kickstarter. What I am interested in is the Norse range and depending on what new stuff or deals they have going on, I might take the opportunity to finally dive in and sate my Viking fetish!

Unfortunately, Prodos Games were not able to get our AvP Board game Kickstarter pledges for the event, but quite frankly I didn't fancy carrying a box game during the day and it gives me something to look forward to over the summer, so no issue there. I will be doing the rounds, and keeping a keen eye on places like Studio McVey (always good to chat with Mike!), Hasslefree, Freebooter and Heresy as they usually have good pre-release stuff to oggle and buy throughout the day. I am not sure right now if I will be tweeting pictures on the day, or leaving it for a summary post later. But regardless we will interesting wargaming eye candy to share over the coming weeks, so as always like, follow or join our Facebook page, Twitter page or of course follow the page via blogger or Google +

To finish up, we may be seeing the return of a long lost writer in the next couple of weeks! Fans of Kingdom Death and Mierce Miniatures should keep a close eye the next couple of weeks...

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  1. I find it humorous that you expect to have money left over after hitting forgeworld :).

    1. I am being optimistic lol Actually though, first 2000pts is pretty much set and I have a pre-show order to arrive. It could very well be a impulse purchase from FW on the day.

    2. I went to buy just a sicaran, and almost left with a warhound, tshirt, sicaran, and FW event model. My heart said yes, my bank account said no.

  2. Haha 'The Forge World Effect'...completely forgot they have t-shirts, mugs etc...could get pricey!

    1. Yeah...and the t-shirts are awesome...

    2. I may be partially immune, i don't remember seeing Night Lords shirts and mugs. Bit of a missed opportunity considering how big a release they made of them!