Thursday, 9 April 2015

Horus Heresy: Night Lords By DiStudios Army Update #5

A belated happy Easter to you all and my apologies for the delay between project updates. I have been very busy over the last couple of weeks adding, building and prepping for painting the various units needed to bulk out my army. As it stands, I feel I actually have enough models to play some smaller games in the future. So this update shows just how big a chunk of models I have manage to add to the good old Night Lords.

By far the biggest addition to the army, is my new Praevian and Vorax Robot squad. I have been looking for an excuse to get Vorax since their release and Forge World's latest PDF releases means I can finally do so! If you haven't already check out the rules for both Narik Dreygur and the new Praevian HQ, check out the rules CLICK. The Praevian is packing a custom chainglaive this time, as I had some new bits left over from a different project. The Vorax themselves, were a little tedious to build, with the small parts proving slippery, but I got them done in the end and I think they are a rather menacing addition to my Terror Cadre. I have another three sitting in pack, but I think I will leave those for another time, I don't see myself using a full five just yet.

Another model that was on the 'NEED' list, the Night Lord's Contemptor Dreadnought. Now like most people I think the Contemptor is a great kit, but for me (bias aside) the Night Lord's version has to be the best one I have worked on in terms of sheer detail and design. From the leering skull face to the Nostraman gang runes on the flayed skin, this kit is top notch. A must for Night Lord's collectors and also pretty high on the priority list if you generally love painting Contemptors. I have a special weapon I am working on for this model which should look brutal, so fingers crossed I will have it finished for the end of the month.

Last but by no means less exciting is my third and final Terror Squad. I already had the pieces for the infantry built, but was missing key things like pouches, close combat weapons and of course shoulder pads (not in shot). I also did a bit of playing about, giving some members trophy racks on the backpack. I think they look really good, but of course the problem now is that I really want to add these details to the other two squads! The best part of having this third Terror Squad at the paint stage, is that I now have the three mandatory Terror Squad quota for the Terror Assault RoW (Rite Of War), so gaming wise, I am pretty much set.

Other bits and things that didn't make the cut

It wasn't all good things however, regular readers will remember I had massive problems with Sevatar, which meant I did not actually get a decent copy of the miniature until the end of last month. The knock on effect of this, is that I am not motivated to paint him at all, so he is currently gathering dust. I also gave the Deredeo Dreadnought to Hellstrom as I really don't like the model, I am sure from a games perspective I will suffer not having one, but this is a fine price to pay as opposed to having to work on that thing. This once again puts me in the position of having no Heavy Support choices for my army, which is something I am definitely not use to. On the spin side of things, I do have another Contemptor Dreadnought waiting for me to collect, along with all the arms, which ultimately completes my Talon. Also waiting, is the second half of my Veteran Tactical squad, which is something I have been looking forward to finishing up, as I have a interesting background for them, I also managed to secure two Rad missile launchers from the Destroyer kits, so I can field missile launchers with suspsensor fields should I opt to.

So lots of gains for my Night Lords this month, but of course lots of painting to finish it all off. I still need to make some decisions on units to add to the army and more importantly I need to check with Hellstrom to see what stage he is at and whether we can finally get our first game in. Exciting times, I am very keen to see how my Night Lords face off against the armoured might of Autek Mor...

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  1. Love your work! You inspire me with my Night Lords which can be found on my blog. Maybe my Sevatar will inspire you to paint yours :)

    1. Thanks Byron, I am hoping a good weeks worth of painting and a few games will re-motivate me to start Sev :-)

    2. Good luck :) I've just had a few weeks hiatus, so I needed some inspiration.