Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Gallery: Warzone Resurrection Bauhaus Vorreiters


This is probably my favourite unit from the Warzone: Resurrection Kickstarter. Based on an early 20th Century tracked bike design, the Vorreiters have a awesome industrial look to them that fits the Bauhaus background nicely. I do prefer the more regimented and basic look of the original versions, compared to the redesign which has a more Polish Winged Lancer look to them. I added armorcast muzzle flash to give a sense of action to the unit, as well as an excuse to add some OSL to the miniature as a whole.

Miniatures were painted using Vallejo Model Colour paints.

These figures are currently available for sale HERE

Warzone: Resurrection is fast establishing itself (again) as one of the most popular alternative sci-fi ranges. They have not only a fantastic range of miniatures, but excellent and immersive game system, set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe. To see more of the range pay a visit to Wayland Games to see the full range.

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