Monday, 13 April 2015

Gallery: Warzone Resurrection Bauhaus Juggernauts


As soon as these new versions came out, I bought them as replacements for my Kickstarter versions. While the KS versions were good in their own way, I felt that these sculpts better captured the whole running through brick walls feel, that is mentioned in the background. I decided to add extra armorcast flame details and a little bit of OSL effects to make them stand out from the rest of the force. Fantastic miniatures, some of my favourites from the Prodos games range.

Miniatures were painted using Vallejo Model Colour paints.

These figures are currently available for sale HERE

Warzone: Resurrection is fast establishing itself (again) as one of the most popular alternative sci-fi ranges. They have not only a fantastic range of miniatures, but excellent and immersive game system, set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe. To see more of the range pay a visit to Wayland Games to see the full range.

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