Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Warmachine: Relight My Fire!


After my rousing bit concerning new starts and a new found love of Menoth, Privateer decided to do this:

Looks like all bets are off!

I hinted at it at the start of the week and here it is, the beginnings of my return to Warmachine! I basically started Warmachine back in 2004 when it first hit the UK shores, both myself and Hellstrom instantly fell in love with the concept of Warjack steam combat. This came about in the wake of coming out of various brands such as Confrontation (in my case) and Battle Tech Heroclix (in Hellstrom's case). We were also at a critical stage of Games Workshop burnout too as I was running my own store at this point and living a 24/7 GW lifestyle. So with desperate need for something fresh, we both pick up a starter box each at Salute 2004: Khador for me, Cryx for Hellstrom. Little did I know, that the majority of figures I would end collecting, playing and painting would be Khador for the next 10 years, with various pieces appearing in the short lived Harbinger Wargaming Magazine. Eventually due to losing friends to World Of Warcraft, I left the game around the time of Battle Engines (Wrath iirc) and decided to sell off my entire Khador collection.
So, I find it amusing that after selling off my entire Khador collection, Hellstrom is now dragging me back full circle into the game! Joking aside, with all the issues I have had with Forge World resin, I am actually keen to tackle something new.

This time round, I have decided to go the route of Menoth. Two factors decided this: The amazing Reznik Wrath Of Ages and Exemplar Bastions/Cinerators. It is no surprise that the first models in this budding collection are all huge shouldered menacing man beasts!

The restic is still as bad as I remember it, with somewhat soft details and of course the much maligned droopy weapon syndrome, however unlike before, this is not stopping me from working on the miniatures, perhaps I am just a more patient model maker than I was. While I do not have a set list in mind, it seems that by default I am leaning towards a Kreoss 2 list, simply because it's all about the Exemplars, however a part of me does want to get Thyra Flame Of Sorrow and Daughters Of The Flame down the line. The nice thing about changing to Menoth is the sheer 'newness' of it all, it is all totally alien to me, not only from a miniature stand point, but also a gaming one; which means I am keen to try it out and see how it works compared to my old Khador.

We are taking this slow, as the priority still remains Horus Heresy, but who knows I may become so immersed in Immoren once again, that this game becomes my favourite again..either ways you will definitely be seeing Warmachine (again) on this blog!

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