Saturday, 14 March 2015

Site News: The Saga of Sevatar Continues...(FW Problems continued)

This week - Thursday to be exact - the replacement parts for both Sevatar and my Deredeo arrived. Initially I was extremely pleased, the casts were as good as you could possibly get and a perfect replacement for the miscasts that had plagued my original purchase. All that was required was a little washing and I was ready to go, however that would have been too easy...

While laying out the rest of the pieces I noticed that a sprue was actually missing, the left forearm was simply not there at all. After checking with a gaming Facebook group, it was confirmed from members who had already put together a Sevatar, that an entire sprue was missing from my kit. Having already waited four weeks to get my kit, only to find out that there was a double fault, I was left naturally demotivated. Luckily for me the following day I managed to get hold of the same guy who had helped me the previous week (Tris), and he was very sympathetic to my cause and by the end of the call, a new replacement was organized as opposed to having the exact part re-cast, so with any luck next Monday/Tuesday I will have a decent, fully complete Sevatar.

But what of the Deredeo...

After the issues I had with Sevatar I consoled myself with my next new shiny: the Deredeo Dreadnought. Now this item too had a fault, but that part had been replaced and arrived on Thursday as well, so I set about cleaning and putting it together, when disaster struck...Melodrama aside, it turns out that I don't actually like the Deredeo aesthetics one bit. I put the model together and just went...

This is purely a personal preference as I know a lot of people like it, but for me the kit does not tick the boxes. I love Contemptor Dreadnoughts, and in-fact Dreadnoughts in general, but for some reason the design of the Deredeo; or more specifically the head and Ailos missile launcher; put me right off the kit. Luckily for me Hellstrom is more than willing to take the Deredeo for his worryingly large armoury of vehicles, and as a consolation I have the Night Lords Contemptor Dreadnought waiting at his house from our latest Forge World order.

But it's not all doom and gloom!

There is a silver lining to this weeks particularly dark hobby cloud! Naturally with two failed hobby projects, I was feeling very demotivated to do anything at all. That is until I read the new Forge World pdf for Narik Dreygur. I was absolutely ecstatic, as upon further reading I discovered that a new Consul existed that allows me to take Vorax Battle Automata.

I was and still am a big fan of Rogue Trader robots, so when the Vorax first made an appearance last year (?) I really wanted to get them as part of my Space Marine Legion, however after talking to Forge World I was basically restricted to having them as a Legio Cybernetica Allied attachment. But not any more, the new Praevian Consul rules allow you to take a unit of Castellax or Vorax as a unit for the Praevian, this does not take up a slot additional and more importantly allows the robots to to be affected by the Legion Astartes rules. I have already made my new Praevian 'The Hunts Man' and all that remains, is for me to place an order for two packs of Vorax next week. I am loving the idea of these hunter-killers launching an ambush with my Terror troops, it just feels very Night Lordie.

So the lesson and point of today? There is always a silver lining, yes I still don't have a Sevatar, but what I do have is a great concept for my own home brew character, who in more ways I am more excited to get done and play a game with. Beware the Hunter-Killers!...

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  1. My Sevatar's dagger hand was broken. Not wanting to deal with the same crap you did, I swapped it out for a bolt pistol - turned to the side gangster style. It actually looks really good and you can see it on my last blog post.

    1. Thanks for checking out the post! Excellent conversion you have done, am now following you via Google+

      I think the disappointment factor is what really prompted me to chase FW this time round. The Night Lords are probably the first exciting GW project I have done in the last decade, couple that with the premium cost of the character series, I felt I had no choice but to hammer down on the quality issues.

    2. Tell me about it, I just got my Curze and he was missing his shoulder pads :(

    3. Oh dear, looks like you need to send an email/make a call to FW :-/