Monday, 2 March 2015

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Greetings all, a massively busy week for me unfortunately, so no army updates. However today's post will give an idea as to where we are hobby wise. I have finally gotten the rest of my Night Lords Forge World order, having pick them up from my friends house last week. While I have not made a start on them yet; again due to work; I will be making a solid start on them this weekend. Expect pictures of Sevatar, the Deredeo Dreadnought and hopefully a finished Lightning Fighter, very soon!

I have also (after much prompting from a friend!) come back to Warmachine. As a little bit of background, I started Warmachine in 2004 and did have a huge Khador collection, that consisted of every single release up to Wrath. I will be doing a completely brand new Warmachine project this time round, in the form of the forces of Menoth. I have some figures already, in various stages of construction, and again I aim to show these off in the coming weeks.

Hellstrom (our resident Iron Hands collector) has also been very busy, churning out the infantry required for a game, last I heard from him, he had ten of the fantastic Medusan Immortals ready and nearly two squads of Legion Tactical Squads on the works, complete with Land Raider transports... I better speed up, as it seems games are definitely on the horizon! This also means, I will be making preparations for a third gallery, just for Hellstrom's work, he also seems to have the Warmachine bug again, as I think I caught sights of his old Cryx miniatures on his desk...

March signals the six month point of my Horus Herey Night Lords project, a land mark for me, as I tend to get easily distracted. To 'celebrate' I will be doing a post showing off what I currently have in the collection in their various stages. I am quite excited about this, as I am not exactly sure how out of hand this collection has gotten! To accompany this, I will also be putting up a tutorial on how I paint my Night Lords - as requested by one of our readers Felix.

Both Hellstrom and I have also been accumulating a lot of scenery bits for our upcoming games this year. We will be showcasing a few gaming mats and general scenery pieces in the future, giving our opinions on the best and worst that we have come across.

So plenty of content on the way! This is only the tip of the iceberg too, as I have two major Kickstarters that are still too arrive in the form of Last Saga and Avp, both of which equate to substantial amounts of figures, and to top it all off, Salute 2015 is literally round the corner now which means I will be adding yet more figures and scenery to the collection! I will be making a much more concerted effort to get to wargaming events this year and will be doing the usual of taking pictures and tweeting about what I come across during these events, so now is a great excuse to sign up to my various social media options (see right column).

That's all for now, I have the Friday blues already, as I can't wait to get back to the painting table and share what I am doing.

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