Thursday, 26 March 2015

Horus Heresy: Iron Hands By Hellstrom Brothers Of Destruction!

The Iron Tenth march ever onwards! I have been busy this week working on some armour elements for my army. It is always nice to shuffle things around a bit and keep it fresh, especially after weeks of working on infantry. Today, I completed construction of my two Deredeo Dreadnoughts, which DiStudios has dubbed 'The Brothers Of Destruction' - How droll.

The Deredeos are great bits of kits that are seriously imposing when the guns are added. As a model kit, it comes with all same build options of the Contemptor dreadnought; albeit with different aesthetics;  with components separate at the leg, knee and torso. This is in my opinion key to the success of the Contemptor model kits, as these separations allow for a multiple poses despite similar chassis. However it must be noted, that in the case of the Deredeo the weapon load outs themselves lend to a more restrictive look over all, due to the ammo feeds - yes I suppose you could bend them with heat. However I think this two has sufficiently different poses to stand out on the table.

The building of these two did cause DiStudios to have a mini-melt down. After looking at them he tried to convince me of the merits of a seven dreadnought army, before hiding in a corner trying to figure out how many Contemptor talons he 'needs' in his Night Lords army. Further proof of his dreadnought insanity can be seen in the Twitter feed to left, as he has finally made gains on his Night Lords Contemptor, bought last week.

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  1. I really love the pose of the guy on the right. He's really cool!

    1. He is doing a fine job of this army, I really can't wait for him to show off the fully painted force, it is looking IMMENSE!

    2. Both the Deredeos are now undercoated. Hopefully I will have time to work on them over the weekend.