Friday, 27 March 2015

Forge World: Xiphon Interceptor & Armillus Dynat Pre-Orders Up!

Forge World's latest pre-orders rolls out today with a character for the Alpha Legion and the much anticipated Xiphon Pattern Interceptor. Forge World descriptions below, with links to relevant products, enjoy!
Armillus Dynat, the Harrowmaster of the Alpha Legion, has been a feared strike commander since his name came to prominence during the invasion of Paramar. Known to possess strategic genius, his style of warfare is as intricate as it is unorthodox. Using fast moving, heavily armoured vehicles and close air support, he will split enemy formations apart before crushing them without mercy.

Armillus Dynat is an expert duellist and warrior in his own right. Wielding a thunder hammer and power sword in unison and carrying uncommon wargear such as venom spheres and phosphex bombs, he is an opponent to be reckoned with.

The latest model in the Horus Heresy Character Series, Armillus Dynat is a multi-part resin kit that is supplied with both a 32mm base and a 50mm scenic base. The rules for using Armillus Dynat in games set during the Horus Heresy can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Three – Extermination.

This kit is available to pre-order today for despatch from Friday 3rd April - £31.00

With unparalleled speed and manoeuvrability, the Xiphon pattern Interceptor saw increasing service in the Legiones Astartes during the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Based on ancient designs, the void and atmospheric craft carried heavy armaments into battle, allowing it to destroy both air and ground targets with apparent ease. Its pair of twin-linked lascannon and Xiphon rotary missile launcher combined with the Interceptor’s speed and agility to make it a deadly opponent from which the enemies of Mankind could not hide.

This is a complete multi-part resin kit which includes a plastic canopy and flying stand.
It is available to pre-order today for despatch from Friday 3rd April. - £80.00

I think this leaves only Samus and the Vindicator with Laser Destroyer Array to go, which possibly means unseen Forge World products leading into Easter!

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  1. not quite; there were lots of upgrade packs on show at the weekender that haven't appeared yet, especially for the Ultramarines, as well as some choice Mechanicum/Knight bits. the new Magos looked hella sweet.

    1. I am wondering if the Ultramarine bits will be held back in favour of book release. Regardless, I would like to see some more of the backlog of kits inter-weaved with what we have already seen from the open day. There were rumours that a Legion Quad Launcher was near completion, would be nice if that made a showing.