Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Horus Heresy: Night Lords By DiStudios Lightning Stike Fighter W.i.p

Greetings all, here is last weeks overdue army update. As regular readers will be aware, I have been waiting on various bits and bobs this month (all of which were delayed) in order to proceed with finishing certain builds. Most of this items have arrived now; including Sevatar; but a few key items are missing for the Glaive, which sadly means delays on that progress. On the plus side, I finally put paint to the Lightning Strike Fighter and after some major issues (read on) it seems the model is on the road to completion.

Above is the current state of the model, I am just waiting on the second coat of gloss varnish to dry, before I go ahead and start the weathering process. Despite how it looks now, I had a very big problem with it yesterday, when I originally unmasked the identification stripes...

The above is what I was left with after some hefty hours in the chair airbrushing, as you can imagine I was not impressed. Despite using Tamiya brand low tact masking tape, the paint underneath had come off completely, leaving bare resin underneath. Having consulted fellow wargamers, ideas including 'strip it and start again' were advised, but seeing how far I had already come, the idea of doing so would have put me off the kit entirely. The cause of the lack of paint adhesion has become a heated discussion, ranging from inadequate cleaning to weeping resin. All I can say, is that I did the same thing I have always done with Forge World miniatures since I started collecting them in 2001/2002 (I miss my Baneblades!), which is 24 soak, and then a good scrubbing with a toothbrush and washing up liquid.

In the end I managed to 'fix' the issue, applying a very watered down solution of liquid greenstuff over the exposed areas and retracing the painting steps of hand primer, base coat to highlights. To mask the inevitable uneven finish, I applied mild weathering to the stripes, which in my opinion; I think has gone well. I am sure that once I start adding the metallic weathering and grease stages, it should be fully masked, and with three solid layers of varnish, I am hopeful that the paint will stay on the model now. 

I am happy(ish) with the touch up job thus far and now have the confidence to move forward with the rest of the model. Still a long way to go as the detailed parts still need cleaning and priming, but hopefully a couple of weeks tops - assuming I don't lose motivation.

In regards to the colour scheme, I have done this in what I consider to be Night Lords Auxiliary Support colours, I wanted to reflect the insular nature of the Night Lords Legion and the gang affiliation from Space Marine to human staff, this aspect is probably one of my favourite things about he Night Lords Legion as a whole. There will be no lightning strikes on this model, I am leaving that purely for the Space Marine infantry models and drop pods, but I am considering adding a Squadron badge at some point, along with 8th Legion Roman Numeral transfers, just need to find my set...

So that's pretty much what I have been up to! It is nice to be painting again, as opposed to constantly building, I am looking forward to digging into some infantry once the Fighter is fully done.

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  1. Very cool stuff, bro! Ride the Lightning ;) Also how is the NL tutorial coming along, you promised? :P

    1. Cheers Felix! NL tutorial is coming along nicely, will most likely be posted next weekend as i have a very busy week ahead. Part of the delay in the tutorial was due to lots of supplies being delayed (roughly 2/3 weeks before they even shipped...), luckily the paints and models are now in my backpack ready to take home :)

    2. Awesome! I'm so wainting for it ;) Just building my stuff at the moment, so when it comes, I'll be ready. Your Terror Squads are so cool, I hope I can manage the same :)

    3. Once you finish your terror squads send me a pic! I do a readers showcase here on the blog so would love to share your work with the readers :)

      I have actually modified my own terror squads a bit, more on those once I get back home though ^^

  2. The weathering on the stripes (though not what you originally wanted), still looks pretty good. Sorry you had such resin paint issues. Resin is so hit and miss sometimes it seems.

    1. Thanks Greg! It does seem that the problem may have actually done me a favour hehe I have to admit, I am starting to see the cracks in the foundations when it comes to Forge World and increased production. It does seem that the quality is taking a hit. as I just got a couple of new bits (including Sevatar!) which are sadly very poorly cast to the point I can't fix them, and will need to be replaced.

    2. I do hear that FW has really good customer service, so please don't hesitate to call them if you have a problem. One of my buddies did with an issue on one of their models, and they sent him an entirely new kit...

      I've had recasts, FW originals, and FW recents. Everything seems to be completely random to me. I have a FW game day figure that is awful, with bad deal. I got a recast that is flawless, and another recast that would make nice clunky terrain bits...and I have a FW warboss biker that is beautiful to behold, and I'm scared to paint because it's just that good looking. At least with the FW bits, you have someone to talk to if it's not up to 100% what you want!

    3. Very true! Hellstrom will be checking through his order tonight (it was a joint order to take advantage of free shipping) before we call through tomorrow morning. I think part of the problem is I got my Sevatar and Deredeo around 2 weeks later than everyone else due to a missing item...only to get some bad pieces, very anti climatic.

      On the plus side I have a lot to be getting on with and the weather is actually quite nice this week, which means I can spray outdoors again woohoo no more fumes! :-)

    4. Enjoy the nice weather. I forget what it's like to be above 10C.