Sunday, 15 February 2015

Horus Heresy: Night Lords By DiStudios - Konrad Curze!

The project has been massively stalled this week by a few annoying factors. Despite ordering Sevatar on day of release (within 30 minutes of the pre-order appearing), I am still with out a Prince Of Crows miniature. To make matters worse, it seems certain products I ordered to help complete the detailing on my Glaive and third Terror Squad, may not actually be available. To make matters worse, because the orders were combined with important things such as primer, airbrush cleaner and paints, this has resulted in a stall on the painting side of my Night Lords project. With very little left to this weekend, I decided it was time to tackle the Night Haunter himself.

This is a incredibly detailed miniature; which is great, as he is not cheap; but at the same time I was very surprised how easily he went together. There were some casting issues on the left leg but nothing that can't be fixed with a little liquid greenstuff. Although my intention was to make a start on the build, as you can see from the picture above; I managed to finish him in one sitting. All I need now if my primer and I am ready to go! The head and shoulder pads (pinned to cloak) are not glued for ease of painting.

With the fundamentals of my force taking shape and nearing completion, my thoughts are now projected at how to evolve the army. Despite my love of Drop Pods, I am moving towards more of an infantry foot slog force, which I am notorious for running anyways.

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