Friday, 6 February 2015

Horus Heresy: Night Lords By DiStudios Army Update #4

The weekend is here! And I have been looking forward to posting this update up all week. The Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod is for all intents and purposes complete. I need to straight up apologise for the picture quality though, as the lamp glare is quite extreme in most of these shots, and I have no clue about photo shop etc I have to be honest, while I am very happy with the way this has turned out (note the blue is darker in real life), a part of me really wants to add some weathering pigments and oils to the equation, however I am not sure whether this will be over kill or a road to ruining this miniature.

A lot of people tend to go the route of blueish energy sources, in particular for thrusters. I went for the yellow/red option to break up the vast expanse of blue armour and to also give the Dreadclaw a more malevolent and sentient look. This really only comes into play when the model is on the flying base. When it is in 'drop' configuration though, all you really see is a spiky drop pod, again the light bleaches this out, but there are traces of heat stained metal all over the melta cutters, again for colour break against the expanse of shiny metal surfaces.

I might go ahead and add a final detail to the base, it all depends on how this sculpt turns out. If I get it right, I think it will enhance the look of the model tenfold and make for a impressive centre piece. In terms of full photos, the aim is to take proper photos and finally start the Night Lords section in Gallery #1, fingers crossed I will have time after work next week to do this, but as a definite by end of month.

Speaking of centre pieces...

I have a made a start on the first of my two new Super Heavy Tanks. As you can see the Glaive is already well into the cleaning/building stages. I have a lot of ideas to make this look more Night Lord esque, but will have to wait a week or so for the parts to arrive. I really cannot wait to paint this monster of a tank, it simply looks wonderful.

Sadly there has been a casualty of war, the Fire Raptor is no more! Well it's not as dramatic as that. basically; and I am sure I am in the minority here!; I don't really like the model much! The build was such a pain when compared to the Lightning Strike Fighter, that it put me right off painting the kit completely. The Fire Raptor though, is going to a loving Iron Hands home, and I am sure that I will pay for getting rid of this nasty aircraft in the future...

That's all for now! Plenty of stuff is 'ready for baking' as they say, with lots of big items ready for the priming and painting stage. This is just as well, as I am sure this week's Horus Heresy Weekender will give me all sorts of ideas, as to what to get next...

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  1. Love the drop pod, looks great.

    Have fun! Make sure to give us the scoop when you get back.

    1. Cheers matey! I honestly can't wait to get a second one of these. I am hoping for next weeks update to have the Glaive at the very least base coloured :)

  2. Ooooh- Dat thing is evil lookin.'
    Very cool. Very Night-Lordy.

    1. Thanks SinSynn! If you think it's starting to look mean now, just wait for the trophies update ;)

  3. Hey Chris,
    as always your Night Lords just amaze me. I'm a big fan! Since you've been so kind and write me a list for the armour colors, could you maybe do a (step by step) tutorial on your NL when you are painting your next Terror Squad figure? That would bei awesome and really helpful.
    Also do you use silver on the trims of the shoulder pads or some brass color?


    1. Hi Felix, thanks for continuing to check out the blog :) I am glad you like the minis!

      I will go ahead and do a tutorial this weekend coming. In regards to the rims, I actually went for a brass colour, highlighted up to a silver, so giving it more of a two tone metallic look. I will try and remember to add that portion in the tutorial also :)

    2. Awesome! Yes, I'm a frequent member here ;) Your NL gave me the final push to start my own, so I'm quite excited for your tut. Keep up the great work!