Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Forge World: Weekender 2015 Releases

With only a few more days to go, Forge World have given us a peak as to what will be available over the weekend. Now there is a huge list of stuff, including Black Library products, mugs and of course T-Shirts. But I am only going to cover the miniatures, as there are some very interesting products listed and I am short on time this afternoon. The most stand out point, is that the Solar Auxilia is being given a big early push to complete the army list, before the next book, something I am happy with. Now if only they can clear up the remaining Space Marine back log (although there is not much anymore), we can see even more fresh releases in a year.

As you can see, despite the Solar Auxilia push, there has been some effort made to include Legion Space Marine products, the Tainted Dreadnought, completely threw me off, but I like what they have done with it. However the stand out item for me are the Quad Mortar Rapiers; an item long missing from the Legion lists, now that we have a definite model; albeit for the Solar Auxilia list; I suspect a Space Marine version coming very soon down the line - and that I am keen to add to my army!

So are you going to the Horus Heresy Weekender? If so prepare your wallets!

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