Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Site News: The 14th Legion Blog Is No More! Send the Eighth!

Greetings all, it is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of the 14th Legion Blog...and introduce it's revival in the form of 'Send The Eighth! After many years using the old title of the 14th Legion I felt it was time for a change, mainly due to the fact that I never got round to painting anything remotely to do with the 14 th Legion and also a few comments pointed out that the fact the lack of relevance. While the blog does cover miniatures from a wide array of manufacturers, I have decided that the blog should shift to my current and most consistant project; which is my Night Lords (The 8th Legion). So from today on wards, the blog has been renamed (allow with all associated channels) to 'Send The Eighth!' if I am to be honest I think it has a bit of a ring to it too!

I have notified Belloflostsouls and tabletopgamingnews, so hopefully the transition should go smoothly. If possible please update/check your bookmarks as I think the name change may alter old/existing links.

With thanks,

Send The Eighth! 


  1. Hey, I was worried when I didn't find your blog, especially since you helped me out with your NL painting scheme. I wanted to try it this weekend and now your posts are gone :) Vould you please tell me again, which colors you used since I didn't write them down unfortunately. Thanks, Felix

    1. Hi Felix, no worries. Everything should be in the same place as it was, sorry about that! The blog will is staying around, but just under a new name :)

      With thanks,