Sunday, 25 January 2015

Horus Heresy: Night Lords By DiStudios Dreadclaw Drop Pod W.i.p

Greetings all, it's time for a Night Lords update from me. At the pointing of writing, I am chilling to the sounds of KLF while applying the second coat of boltgun metal to the claw area. Now those who know me, know that I am big fan of the Dreadclaw Drop Pod by Forge World. They remind me of the mega Shadow planet killer from the sci-fi series Lexx (yes a guilty pleasure of mine from the mid 90's), so my weekly days off have been spent applying paint to my favourite carnivorous drop pod and here are the results so far - apologies for the lamp glare.

The only real things left to do on this miniature is finish the metals and of course add the infamous lightning bolts on the fins. I was tempted to add some extra details, but relented due to time constraints and also the fact that these ideas might work better on land vehicles as opposed to void craft. Also I really want to get this miniature done and photographed for the gallery, when I get the next one I will make it a little 'flashier'. Last week was also my birthday, so I have built up a small stock of reinforcements for my Night Lords project, that I want to get built and based as quickly as possible, before settling in and focusing on details.

I absolute love the business end of this model, it looks so menacing. I had intended to paint the five holes around the 'mouth' as lenses to give it a more malevolent feel, but then realised that these were more likely to be the thruster exhausts for landing and take off. I have found five smaller areas that probably are lenses, but they are so small that only a close up shot will work (will do that in final gallery shot). Unfortunately this model arrived damaged when I first got it and so one of the'teeth' are missing, but I am not too worried, I think once I add the weathering it will help give this miniature a bit more character.

The above shot is just a fun shot. I am quite keen to add weathering dusts to this particular model, I think it would really benefit from warm coloured pigment dust and a fair amount of oils, but again that takes time and effort, which when on only two hobby days a week; can mean the end is very far off. However I am satisfied at this point with how the pod looks. Funnily enough this is the first Drop Pod type model I have ever built and painted, and I admit to having quite enjoyed the experience. There are more vehicles on the way, and not just aircraft. I have a package to inspect waiting at work, which should have two heavy tanks and fingers crossed all the parts are present and in good condition. I really feel the need to get my tread head on for February!

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