Sunday, 18 January 2015

Horus Heresy: Night Lords By DiStudios Call In An Airstrike!

Greetings all, with 2015 in full swing and me settling into new routines, it is starting to look like end of week will be the most consistent hobby update day. Last week I semi hit a wall, whether this was long time coming or merely a result of getting back to normality is debatable, but still produced the same outcome - A stall on the infantry. However! This weekend has been fueled with lots of awesome movies and of course a cart load Monster Energy drink, This coupled with a few late night hobby sessions boosted my Night Lord's testosterone levels. I am still purposely relenting on starting Curze as an end of army reward, so instead it was time to move onto some vehicle elements of the army.

As it stands, my army is actually very light on the usual vehicles.I sometimes find myself at a loss not taking the standard things such as Land Raider, Rhinos and Predators; due to the Night Lords Right Of War; however it does make me experience new hobby things like Drop pods, fighters and gunships. With this in mind this week I started my Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter and I have to say it is simply an amazing kit. So easy to clean and put together, a thoroughly enjoyable and much needed experience as the Fire Raptor was really starting to give me headaches this week(more on that later). Having just watched We Were Soldiers and the afore mentioned Apocalypse Now, I have a firm image in my head of a Drop Pod/Air Cavalry style Night Lords army. This is good as it means I have direction and everything else is merely icing on top, I am planning on getting a second one in the future, once I reduce the resin mountain a bit.

Ah the Fire Raptor, a Christmas present from almost two years and also the biggest source of grief currently. This week while making a more secure fitting for the flying stand, I noticed that the engines were not straight at all and of course this triggered my ocd. After multiple attempts to straighten it up with the hair dryer, I ended up breaking it and fixing in multiple times, but to no avail. I simply have no idea what I am going to do with it now. As a build it is solid, but the fact it is slightly askewd irritates me, perhaps I will finish it off or maybe a less fussy friend will take it off my hands, who knows, either way it leaves me yearning for something else to fill the missing Heavy Support slot. There were rumours of a new Space Marine flyer coming this year, so I will wait a little on it, I hope it is something other than the Raven Guard special aircraft, but we shall see. On the plus side, the base is really secure and still removable, which means I will be happier using it on the tables!

That wraps up this weeks hobby progress, next week I be shuffling between infantry, the Strike Fighter, watching American Sniper and somehow fitting in my birthday!

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The 14th legion

P.s IMDb links included in movie mentions for readers convenience only. 


  1. Sorry about the problems with the fire raptor. I think it looks lovely on that stand! I love the FW aircraft...they just look so freaking epic.

    1. Cheers Greg, I think one of the biggest problems with my particular kit is the superglue itself, It is very strong stuff! So any fiddling with the kit results in the resin breaking rather than the glued bits. I will move onto something else in the mean time and come back to the raptor once my confidence has been rebuilt.

      On the plus side, if you like tanks, you will probably love my next update ^^ ...