Friday, 16 January 2015

Forge World: Thallax Cohort With Phased Plasma Fusil & Irad Cleansers

With all the hype of a new Dreadnought, coupled with pictures of it (The Deredeo) on the new releases pamplet, I was half expecting a Space Marine release this week. However Forge World does not disappoint with today's reveal. The Thallax Cohort with Phased Plasma Fusil and Irad Cleansers I believe completes the ranged weapon load outs for the Thallax, much like last week's Darkfire Cannon did with the Castellax range. I am actually quite pleased with this, as it shows that in the 'quieter' periods of the release schedule, Forge World are actually making an effort to fill in the missing gaps of their Horus Heresy ranges. Of course time will tell, if they manage to finish off some of the options for the Legion Marines, but with Mechanicum at the least, they are on the right tracks.

Phased Plasma-Fusil
Irad Cleanser

Both weapon load outs are pre-orders, at £29.00 for three miniatures, with a dispatch date of the 23rd of January. To see them and all the other new releases, check out the Forge World Site.

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