Thursday, 29 January 2015

Forge World: Sevatar Pre-Order!

I believe this more than likely completes the Night Lords releases (for now anyway), and what a way to do so! First Captain Sevatar, Master of the Atramentar and all round nasty chap is now available for pre-order, fans of the Prince Of Crows get your wallets ready.

As you an see from the picture above, you also get a bare headed option, so magnets at the ready. As with the other members of the Character Series, Sevatar gets a scenic base complete with what I think will be a very useful dead space marine body - will be great as a bits purchase!

Sevatar is available for pre-order now from the Forge World website and will cost £31.00 with a despatch date of Friday 6th February. 

Thanks for reading,

Send The Eighth! 


  1. Death to the false Emperor.


    Ermahgerd he's so sexy I wanna haz his lil' bat-wing-headed heretic babies.

    Stoopid White Scar DIE!
    Man I luvs me some hawt Night Lords action.
    Definitely da coolest of all the Beakies.
    It's gotta be the helmets.

    1. Forge World have nailed it with the NL's, MOAR, I need MOAR!!