Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Horus Heresy: Night lords By DiStudios - Army Update #1

Welcome to the long overdue first post of my latest Horus Heresy project - Night Lords! Originally started a month ago, as part of a joint project with Hellstrom's Iron Hands, we have been avidly pooling together miniatures to build, paint and finally share; here on the 14th Legion Blog. I will be running the Terror Assault Rites Of War and I have to admit, that at first glance; I was daunted at the prospect of having to build and paint thirty Terror Squad miniatures, just to have a legal force. One of the key problems was keeping each squad unified, but also contain enough unique features that would separate them and keep a gang themed hierarchy. By adding a few well placed pieces of greenstuff I think I have achieved that look so far.

As you can see, Ancient Carrow (The Contemptor Dreadnought) now has a few friends hanging around with him. At least one of these Terror Squads will be a 17th Company affiliated squad, so will share the gang marking located on Ancient Carrow's left hand side.

This squad is the test squad for both paint scheme and trophies. It is far to easy to cloud the models with trophies, giving off a cluttered look, so I took the approach of less is more. Frankly I feel that Forge World's Terror Squad torso and head kits do a fine enough job of adding that Night Lord feel, without going over the top. I decided to arm this unit with Volkite Chargers, which although costly, made use of a bunch of spare ones I had lying around. As much as possible I have given the unit all the trimmings, including the close combat weapons as listed in the wargear.

This was actually the first Terror Squad I built, but because of some additional greenstuff work, had to be relegated to second squad. Now that the additional cleaning has been done, they are ready to be primed and painted. Like all my infantry this unit has all the listed weapons shown on the model, including holsters and daggers, the completist in me demanding that I include all the small details.

And finally, we have my Moritat with custom sculpted cloak. This character was one of the first models I built for this project (about a month ago) and sadly he has been sitting int he queue to be finished. Still not sure I will ever use him, but I am glad to have the conversion in my collection as he makes for a fiendish desperado type! He still needs a few bones and chains to finish the adornments, but I don't think there is much as left to do on him.

So that's the army thus far! I still have a number of items I am working through such as my Jetbike squadron and of course my Fire Raptor. My enthusiasm has risen over the last two weeks, since the pictures surfaced of both Night Haunter and Sevatar, this is great news, as it means - as you can see above- that I have broken out of the building phase and started putting paint to mini, which is never a bad thing.

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The 14th legion


  1. Bravo, sir! Your passion and dedication show through in your work. You should be proud of your fledgling gang of psychotic serial killers. Also, I might have to steal your greenstuff cloak idea: sculpting it up and over the shoulder, holding in place with a small pin/bead. Thats an easy and excellent way to really add some character and presence to a model.

    1. Cheers matey, plenty more on the way which I am looking forward to sharing :)

  2. I know this is an old post, but I love your moritat and I have an idea for a similar model. Where did you get the parts for it? Especially the legs! I can't find them anywhere!!!!

    1. Thanks for checking out the post.

      The legs are from the Emperor's Children Kakophoni unit.

      Hope that helps :-)

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