Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Site News: The Next Couple Of Weeks

Greetings all! 

From the outset I want to say a big thank you to Sven; my co-writer here on the 14th legion; at having done an amazing job with producing articles and miniature content while I am away at work. He has been a very busy man, working with all things Kingdom Death and Mierce. I also wanted to point out, that we might be having another 40K/Warzone article writer join the ranks of the 14th Legion, his key focus is all thing Tau, including all the Forge World goodies and he also dabbles quite a bit in other gaming brands, which will bring excellent article variety to the blog.

So what about me? Well I still very busy with work, but I have been chugging away at my Night Lords army. I just finished listening to the Prince Of Crows audio book and am more enthused than ever to grow this army on my desk. I have already started making some (quick) versions of some my favourite characters, so expect the likes of Alastor Rushal and pilot Tay Karenna (spelling?) to appear sneakily in my army as time goes by. I am purposefully holding out on making my absolute favourite Sevatar on the hopes that Forge World actually make him within a decent time frame and to a high standard...of course if they don't I already have plans for a kit bash...

Right now I am trying to source as many Nostraman Chainglaives as possible, as quite frankly I do intend to run every power weapon user in my army with them. No easy task mind you, since I will require 13 at the very least for my Night Raptor squad and the fact that Forge World do not have a weapons pack for this weapon just yet. I did look into 3rd party products, but quite frankly they do no satisfy aesthetically and I am in no mood to convert all those weapons. So it is looking like a long and expensive bits trawl for now - by the way if any of you guys can help me with the glaive problem, please email me *nudge nudge wink*.

I got a interesting response from Forge World concerning the fate of Night Lords products in the future. Obviously there will be Konrad Curze himself, but the team did gleam to me that there are more 'upgrade' packs to be released for the 8th legion, naturally no time frames were given, but to hazard a guess, I would expect a chain glaive weapons pack, brass icons and transfer in the future, possibly post Gamesday/Warhammer Fest. In terms of priority though I sadly would expect no new units for a long time; if at all; since the vast majority of the background being released is set during the Thramas Crusade, which could be a source book and list within itself. This works out excellent for me however, as it would be an excellent excuse to get back into knightly orders Dark Angels at the same time... 

Next week, things should be quietening down for me, which means I can finally do some meaningful hobby articles with picture as opposed to rambling on like a ferret on crack. Next week stay tuned and expect to see the following items painted or in the process of painting: Contemptor Dreadnought, 10 man terror Squad, Anvillus Pattern Drop pod, Moritat and of course Alastor Rushal.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion


  1. Looking forward to continued progress on the nightlords!

    1. Thanks Greg! I really wanted to get the Dreadnought pics up to day, but sadly time simply was not on my side. Next week though, plenty of Night Lords pics :)