Thursday, 25 September 2014

Site News: New Writer For The Blog Confirmed

Greetings all, I briefly mentioned last week, that I was working on getting a new writer for the 14th Legion Blog team, and and lo and behold I have managed it! What this means, is that in the next few weeks we will be having project updates from three different authors covering a wide spectrum of games and miniatures. More importantly we will consistent gaming and battle reports. The first project that our new writer will be handling is Horus Heresy Iron Hands - purposely set up to face my Night Lords! We are aiming to have 2500 points set up in the near future, with no Lords Of War, for our first game with Istvaan themed terrain. The blog's new author will be publishing under the alias of Hellstrom and his project section will be just under Sven's project log.

I am incredibly happy with this outcome, as it means more fresh content for the future and of course a new Iron Hands Gallery in the long run!

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion


  1. Wonderful! Maybe he can bring the iron hands back :).

    1. That's what I am hoping for too Greg! It will make for some excellent iconic games I am predicting.