Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Site News: Back with new Toys!


Regular readers will have noted the last month (August) was a dead period here on the 14th Legion blog, this was simply due to real life work commitments taking over, that have now reached it's conclusions. The positive side is that this has brought in much needed cash flow which translates to new toys! Even though I have not had much spare time, what little time I have had, has been put to good use, we have the birth a new Horus Heresy project! The Iron Hands are sadly no more, despite loving the excellently written background from Book II Betrayal, the colours simply were not inspiring for me. So in response I have taken on the mantle of the traitor...

Introducing Ancient Carrow "The Reaper Of Noval V" and herald of my new Horus Heresy Night Lords project. I will be using the Rites Of War option of 'Terror Assault', so everything will be mounted in Dread Claw Assault Pods (where applicable). Naturally this is a complete turn around on my previous Horus Heresy project, as there are absolutely no tanks, but instead will see last years Christmas present: Fire Raptor gunship finally put to use. I am very pleased that the above is now underway as long term readers will recognize that the Contemptor above is from my Minotaurs project many years ago, and has been sitting unpainted until today. I intend to include a mix of either Storm Eagles or Scimitar pattern jetbikes to break up the mass drop pods, but one thing is for certain,: there will be plenty of skin, bone, skulls and flayed bits adorned infantry to represent the horror of the Night Lords!

Also Sven is not gone! He has plenty of hobby content ready to write up and share over the next few weeks, with my absence he also took a little break from his blistering painting pace, to do a little gaming and general relaxation. But from next week it's man all stations as the 14th Legion Blog resumes it's regular service...Winter is coming...

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion


  1. Lovely blue on the contemptor!

    Nooooo on the iron hands! What about the sicarans! The sicarans!!!!

    1. Thanks Greg, it is a shame about the Iron Hands, but I really needed a painting challenge and sadly the black and iron armour wasn't really doing it for me. The Sicaran is still around...just debating whether to repaint it now... ^^

    2. I don't know anything about stripping resin...but the black could work for some other colors as a base.

      I know how you feel. I'm working back on my orks and using excuses to find extra summoning daemons with weirdboys :).

    3. Got a nice goal now to keep me motivated, a good friend of mine has re-started a new Tau army, so time to rally the Night Lords this weekend!