Monday, 15 September 2014

Darklands: Ysians Torku By Sven

With the last two miniatures from my collection being rather harmless and the imminent Kickstarter of Mierce I thought it’s about time to show something “special”. Please note some pictures in this article are NSFW.

Torku was first revealed during the first Mierce-Kickstarter and then only as a very rough sketch by Danny Cruz, teased as a “aberrant gone wrong” that would fit on a medium base. It was enough for me to pledge the rather cheap amount and add it to my order.  Basically I expected what you see in the first picture only less bulky and smaller. But then the real artwork was shown and what we saw could easily rival Kingdom Death in terms of “sexual weirdness”. So here is the model with all parts attached:

Obviously the most eye-catching part is the bit funnily labelled “Bunch of Boobs”. Don’t ask me why it is there… it just is and looks disturbing. Of course I gave my best to make it look even more disturbing by adding veins and an overall swollen look. By pure coincidence I realised that the BoB could stay modular without even the need to magnetise. You can basically just clip it on and of and as I also liked the look of the exposed muscles I decided to keep it that way, also a gap can be seen when the breasts are attached.

Now you might be thinking: “Well yes, that was super weird, a bit disturbing and I’m glad he put the NSFW there.” But we are not even finished yet in the weird department! The Ysians are insane flesh-crafters and Torku must have been a woman one day in the past and now she doesn't wear any clothes… so when we turn her around we’re looking right at her…
…well yes that’s a vagina… and a very dangerous one at that. It took me a while to realise that the Bone-Aberrants “Flith Spray”-attack is a blind shot, meaning it get’s fired to the rear. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Enough talk about the disturbing stuff! Painting the model was done easy and fast by using my usual Ysian skin mix and a good dry brush for the bones. I’m especially happy with the bones on the fore-limbs and her hair. In the game Torku proves to be one of the hardest models to take down due to having an armour- effect that reduces the damage of every successful wound. Basically a model without any wound-modifiers can’t do any serious damage to her… but there’s an answer to everything...
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