Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Darklands: Ysian Carrowek of Carn Dhu By Sven

After finishing Ophios for the Khthones it seemed only fair to add a unique character to my Ysian host as well. Just like the Gorgon I bought Carrowek during the first Kickstarter of Mierce and he has been patiently waiting attention since then.

Carrowek is a very iconic piece of the Ysian range. His huge axe and awesome details make him a super characterful sculpt.

While I used the usual colours for his skin and armour it was the infamous black axe that had to make him stand out. I achieved that sooty black look by adding several layer of Dark Tone over the metallic base coat and then finished the axe with the cuts and nicks in the blade.

Carrowek is an incredibly powerful fighter in the game and the enemy has to try to avoid him with most units. But it’s the speed of his horse that makes him truly terrifying. Sadly it doesn’t show well on the pictures, but the horse is a very dark brown with quite nice transitions.

I have really learnt to hate that guy during my games, as my opponent plays Ysians with Carrowek regularly and that Black Axe cuts down just about everything in my army. Also his enchanted armour makes him surprisingly hard to take down in return… but alas what’s a game without a challenge?
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