Monday, 29 September 2014

Darklands: Ysian Infantry By Sven

Resisting the temptation of starting yet another Darklands kindred with the new Kickstarter I tried to focus on something else and took some pictures and wrote this article. Of course Darklands and its miniature range mainly live through the awesome characters and huge monsters, but to show the difference in scale and skill in battle every army needs some regular troops. It was during one of my first Khthones vs Ysians games that my opponent remarked that his Ysian commander was the only human-sized model on the field and so it seemed like the Brutes and Gorgonares weren't monstrous, but regular man-sized.

While the Khthones have no human-sized infantry available at the moment the Ysians certainly do and so I began work on the Ax-Drunes.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Site News: New Writer For The Blog Confirmed

Greetings all, I briefly mentioned last week, that I was working on getting a new writer for the 14th Legion Blog team, and and lo and behold I have managed it! What this means, is that in the next few weeks we will be having project updates from three different authors covering a wide spectrum of games and miniatures. More importantly we will consistent gaming and battle reports. The first project that our new writer will be handling is Horus Heresy Iron Hands - purposely set up to face my Night Lords! We are aiming to have 2500 points set up in the near future, with no Lords Of War, for our first game with Istvaan themed terrain. The blog's new author will be publishing under the alias of Hellstrom and his project section will be just under Sven's project log.

I am incredibly happy with this outcome, as it means more fresh content for the future and of course a new Iron Hands Gallery in the long run!

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Darklands: Ysian Carrowek of Carn Dhu By Sven

After finishing Ophios for the Khthones it seemed only fair to add a unique character to my Ysian host as well. Just like the Gorgon I bought Carrowek during the first Kickstarter of Mierce and he has been patiently waiting attention since then.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Site News: The Next Couple Of Weeks

Greetings all! 

From the outset I want to say a big thank you to Sven; my co-writer here on the 14th legion; at having done an amazing job with producing articles and miniature content while I am away at work. He has been a very busy man, working with all things Kingdom Death and Mierce. I also wanted to point out, that we might be having another 40K/Warzone article writer join the ranks of the 14th Legion, his key focus is all thing Tau, including all the Forge World goodies and he also dabbles quite a bit in other gaming brands, which will bring excellent article variety to the blog.

So what about me? Well I still very busy with work, but I have been chugging away at my Night Lords army. I just finished listening to the Prince Of Crows audio book and am more enthused than ever to grow this army on my desk. I have already started making some (quick) versions of some my favourite characters, so expect the likes of Alastor Rushal and pilot Tay Karenna (spelling?) to appear sneakily in my army as time goes by. I am purposefully holding out on making my absolute favourite Sevatar on the hopes that Forge World actually make him within a decent time frame and to a high standard...of course if they don't I already have plans for a kit bash...

Right now I am trying to source as many Nostraman Chainglaives as possible, as quite frankly I do intend to run every power weapon user in my army with them. No easy task mind you, since I will require 13 at the very least for my Night Raptor squad and the fact that Forge World do not have a weapons pack for this weapon just yet. I did look into 3rd party products, but quite frankly they do no satisfy aesthetically and I am in no mood to convert all those weapons. So it is looking like a long and expensive bits trawl for now - by the way if any of you guys can help me with the glaive problem, please email me *nudge nudge wink*.

I got a interesting response from Forge World concerning the fate of Night Lords products in the future. Obviously there will be Konrad Curze himself, but the team did gleam to me that there are more 'upgrade' packs to be released for the 8th legion, naturally no time frames were given, but to hazard a guess, I would expect a chain glaive weapons pack, brass icons and transfer in the future, possibly post Gamesday/Warhammer Fest. In terms of priority though I sadly would expect no new units for a long time; if at all; since the vast majority of the background being released is set during the Thramas Crusade, which could be a source book and list within itself. This works out excellent for me however, as it would be an excellent excuse to get back into knightly orders Dark Angels at the same time... 

Next week, things should be quietening down for me, which means I can finally do some meaningful hobby articles with picture as opposed to rambling on like a ferret on crack. Next week stay tuned and expect to see the following items painted or in the process of painting: Contemptor Dreadnought, 10 man terror Squad, Anvillus Pattern Drop pod, Moritat and of course Alastor Rushal.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

Monday, 15 September 2014

Darklands: Ysians Torku By Sven

With the last two miniatures from my collection being rather harmless and the imminent Kickstarter of Mierce I thought it’s about time to show something “special”. Please note some pictures in this article are NSFW.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Darklands: Khthones Ophios By Sven

With the newest Kickstarter of Mierce Miniatures launching tomorrow I thought it would be a great time to start catching up with the blog articles. My Mierce collection has been growing constantly over the last months and I have been able to get some games done. Gaming for me always triggers a great motivation to get painting and so my model choices were mostly aimed at getting playable hosts ready. One model I’ve owned since the very first kickstarter was Ophios, the Gorgon of Khthone, basically a special character for the Khthones.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Kingdom Death: The Gold Smoke Knight By Sven

Hey there, with the summer haze coming to a close, the article/hobby drought here on the blog has come to an end. Despite the lack of articles, I have been very busy over August preparing both Mierce and Kingdom Death miniatures to share with you all. Today, as a kick-start, I am bringing some good ol’ Kingdom Death… and today it’s even safe for work!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Site News: Back with new Toys!


Regular readers will have noted the last month (August) was a dead period here on the 14th Legion blog, this was simply due to real life work commitments taking over, that have now reached it's conclusions. The positive side is that this has brought in much needed cash flow which translates to new toys! Even though I have not had much spare time, what little time I have had, has been put to good use, we have the birth a new Horus Heresy project! The Iron Hands are sadly no more, despite loving the excellently written background from Book II Betrayal, the colours simply were not inspiring for me. So in response I have taken on the mantle of the traitor...

Introducing Ancient Carrow "The Reaper Of Noval V" and herald of my new Horus Heresy Night Lords project. I will be using the Rites Of War option of 'Terror Assault', so everything will be mounted in Dread Claw Assault Pods (where applicable). Naturally this is a complete turn around on my previous Horus Heresy project, as there are absolutely no tanks, but instead will see last years Christmas present: Fire Raptor gunship finally put to use. I am very pleased that the above is now underway as long term readers will recognize that the Contemptor above is from my Minotaurs project many years ago, and has been sitting unpainted until today. I intend to include a mix of either Storm Eagles or Scimitar pattern jetbikes to break up the mass drop pods, but one thing is for certain,: there will be plenty of skin, bone, skulls and flayed bits adorned infantry to represent the horror of the Night Lords!

Also Sven is not gone! He has plenty of hobby content ready to write up and share over the next few weeks, with my absence he also took a little break from his blistering painting pace, to do a little gaming and general relaxation. But from next week it's man all stations as the 14th Legion Blog resumes it's regular service...Winter is coming...

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion