Sunday, 13 July 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Juggernauts Completed

Hi guys, amid all the football action - congratulations to our German readers! - I managed to finish off my Bauhaus Juggernauts. Now these are the second generation versions, which are more akin to the exo-armours from the Edge Of Tomorrow movie. The bases are still wet and will require another coat of black paint, and of course I still need to add foliage for some extra detail. But despite these small details, the unit is complete! I had a blast painting them up and it is just a shame that the initial photo did not get all the osl effort I put in to it. This is something I will have to consider carefully once I get round to taking proper gallery shots of the unit.

So next week will be the start of something new for my Bauhaus army...I do have a trio of Vulkans that need cleaning, but I also have the new Vulkans on route. The Grizzly Battle Tank is still waiting for some bits, so I guess I should make a start on some infantry. Right now the Etoile Mortants are winning out, purely because they will have the least amount of prep work to do (also I quite like the miniatures). As much as I want to work on my Hussars and Venusian Rangers, the Hussars need a permanent solution for the fragile head spikes (waiting on something for that) and the Venusian Rangers require putty work for the cloaks and hoods. I may end up building all three units, thus leaving me just painting to worry about.

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