Saturday, 5 July 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Vulkans With Fists Build

With the Juggernauts progressing quickly, I have decided to start building a new unit to follow up with straight after. The Bauhaus Vulkan is an iconic miniature with a lot of fans; including me; so naturally when the concepts were announced I knew I wanted a full trio in my Kickstarter pledge. When the miniatures actually arrived though, there were a lot of disappointed fans. Not including the various miscasting, one of the major problems is that when equipped with ranged weapons, the Vulkan just looks odd due to the overly long legs it has, the miniature ends up looking a bit like a chicken as opposed to the chunky looking suit of destruction, luckily one of the things offered during the Kickstarter was power fist arm. For fans of the original this still does not add up, as from a rules perspective, you lose both ranged weapons for a pair of fists, when the original model had a ranged weapon and a for this incarnation of Warzone, it looks like I will be having close combat Vulkans to start with.

The arm mounts are the same as the ranged weapons, and are quite fragile. To counter this I pinned absolutely everything, which has given me freedom to reposition all the arms as I see fit, before finally gluing. With some hot water, I adjusted the position on some of the fingers to give variety, but generally I have left this set of Vulkans stock as new (and vastly) superior ones are coming - no eta yet. But I am not one for wasting and because of that this trio will get the full paint job and will proudly represent on the table until the new ones eventually turn up. I think it is quite obvious that a great deal of the KS renders were rushed, low and generous stretch goals meant a lot of man power had to be invested into fufillment, but from this Prodos has decided to provide the quality they know they can produce, sooner rather than later. And while for some this is an issue of contention, for me it is a sign of integrity, they want to do Warzone/Mutant Chronicles the justice it truly deserves. 

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