Monday, 14 July 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Etoiles Mortant W.I.P

Greetings, another Warzone Resurrection update, I seem to be flying through these things at the moment! Having finished off the Juggernauts last night, I set to work on the next unit on my check list; the Etoiles Mortant; an all female assassin unit that specialise in combating the Dark Legion. These versions are the Kickstarter backer versions which; although more static; are actually my favourite of the two sculpts. I probably will get the newer version eventually, to boost up the numbers to the full twelve but for now I am very satisfied with the work I have done today.

The general consensus is: more fire! My Juggernauts with OSL flame thrower effects, proved so popular that I have been encouraged to do the same on this new unit. The only problem is the base size, which at 30mm is not a lot of space to work with. However with the input of fellow Warzone I managed to come up with what you see in the photo. Bits of cork mat spaced out allow enough space to anchor a piece of wire, which will have the flames sculpted onto. As a added touch, I will be adding Small droplets of fire to create a flame trail from weapon to target.

I still need to do more cleaning on the legs and of course fill any gaps with green stuff, however my enthusiasm and momentum are high, so fingers crossed we will have another complete unit by the end of the week!

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The 14th Legion

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