Monday, 21 July 2014

Darklands: Khthones Ýdron Ygandr By Sven

Today I'm back again with some big bad Darklands, as I'm currently blasting through my collection of unpainted minis. That's mainly due to a friend of mine who's actually willing to play the game with me. Which is great fun by the way! But more of that possibly in the future, today we're in for more painted minis.

So here comes Ygandr, Hydra of Ýdron:

As I’ve already said in my article about Mazikilias the Vasilisk, I’m going for different scale colours for the different realms of the Khthones, while tying them together by the colour of the armour and dark shield plates of the bigger monsters. Gorgons will be green scaled, Liska red and for the final hydras I’m trying out a desert viper sand scheme. Again inspired by nature:

Well, actually that doesn’t leave much to say about the paint job. The dark scales were again built from Terracotta, over Tan up to Heavy Warm grey and tied together by a mix of brown and red washes. Basically the same tactic used on the Fidron and Mazikilias back scales.

The sand coloured parts began with a base coat of Vallejo Heavy Sienna and then were excessively dry brushed with Heavy Brown, Desert Yellow and old Citadel Dheneb Stone. For shading I used Armypainter Strong Tone in the recesses and Yellow Ink mixed with a bit brown on everything, then added a final highlight of Dheneb Stone. I really feel the combination of layered dry brushing and heavy washing brings out a natural blend and is an easy and very fast way to achieve great and special look. I was toying with the idea of adding a final layer of Yellow Ink, but decided against it, to keep it natural.

 Finally to break the big plates on the main body I added a simple pattern of dark brown dots with black cores. The base was easily done, as Ygandr doesn’t leave much space. I just added a pillar and some reed and a tree. Then came the water effect as per the “Sunken Temple”-Tutorial, which was finalised with water paste for ripples, as Ygandr is placed and moving in the water.

Hope you like it, would love to hear what you’re thinking about the scale colour.

Thanks for reading,

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