Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Darklands: Khthones Liska Petroyos By Sven

Happy Mierceday everyone! Friday is the day Mierce show new sculpts and to celebrate this I have another very nice Darklands model to share with you. Hopefully most of you will have seen Mazikilias, the first model from the Liska realm that I’ve painted. Today I have the second and currently only other released Liska for you: Petroyos, the Liskarchon.

As you see he’s following the red scale scheme of the Liska again, while I went for a brighter colour this time as I think Mazikilias is an old and venerate creature and Petroyos is more the dynamic fighter. Funny enough I used absolutely the same colours, but just dry brushed the extreme colours (red on the back and bone yellow on the bottom) harder.
For the head plate and ridge on the back I went for the probably well known mix of Terracotta, Tan and Heavy Warm grey to again tie him back to the other big beasties. Also he’s not that big, he stands on a 60mm base.
As with Mazikilias I darkened the hands to near black and I think it looks even better on him. The weapons were fun to do, the severed head uses a mix of gold and silver and was then inked sepia… and of course I couldn’t resist some clear red ^^
Well, not much to say about the stone blade. It uses my regular formula for stone, that I developed when painting the stone faces for my Kingdom Death bases. A final thin blue wash finished the look.
I did a very small customisation on him, which is basically the hanging chain. It’s in the artwork and not on the model and so I added it, gave it a thin coat of PVA glue to make it stiff and I think it looks quite alright.
Petroyos is a warlord of the Líska realm and quite expensive in points (about the same price tag as Chysperis, the giant snake, which is huge) and brings a nice profile with him that enables him to stand his ground against infantry, monstrous infantry and minor characters, but he shouldn’t meet Warlord class fighters or big monsters. But he brings an incredibly strong ability to the table: the Stone Gaze. Basically it’s a shooting weapon that just needs to hit and then takes an amount of constitution depending on the hit model succeeding or failing in a constitution test. It has a huge range of 30” and is perfect against heavily armoured enemies… as you will see soon ;-)

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