Friday, 11 July 2014

Darklands: Khthones Liska Mazikilias

In the world of Darklands the kindred of the Khthones is made up by different realms. The Gorgon - snake men, the Krokod - alligator men, the Savrar - lizard men, the Ýdron - hydra men and finally the Líska - basilisk men. Having a passion for snakes and weird reptiles in general, my force will consist of Gorgon, Ýdron and Líska. The Krokod and Savrar are just a bit boring for my taste, but I guess the three other realms are more than enough. So after showing you the beginnings of my Gorgon realm, I will show you in the following article, the Líska.

Mazikilias is not a basilisk man, but a vasilisk (basically a real basilisk). I remember Mierce stating somewhere in their Kickstarter comments that brown-red would be the colour of the Líska realm and I liked that just as I liked the original paintjob of Mazikilias. Nevertheless I wanted to give it my personal touch and so looked for insipiration in real nature and found the following picture:
So I dry brushed the model on a brown base coat from dark red to a very light beige-yellow and added the pattern with pure black. For his bone plates and spikes I used the colour I had also used on Chysperis, the huge snake of the Gorgones, which I will try to use on all bigger creatures to tie them together while still varying the main scale tone.
As with the basilisks from legend, the Mierce incarnation has the ability to turn opponents to stone by looking at them and so I wanted to go for a striking colour that contrasts with the red tone. I found that livid green among my Vallejo colours:

More reptiles coming soon! ^^
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