Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Darklands: Khthones Liska Petroyos By Sven

Happy Mierceday everyone! Friday is the day Mierce show new sculpts and to celebrate this I have another very nice Darklands model to share with you. Hopefully most of you will have seen Mazikilias, the first model from the Liska realm that I’ve painted. Today I have the second and currently only other released Liska for you: Petroyos, the Liskarchon.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Darklands: Khthones Ýdron Ygandr By Sven

Today I'm back again with some big bad Darklands, as I'm currently blasting through my collection of unpainted minis. That's mainly due to a friend of mine who's actually willing to play the game with me. Which is great fun by the way! But more of that possibly in the future, today we're in for more painted minis.

So here comes Ygandr, Hydra of Ýdron:

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hobby: Spiked Helmets by DiStudios

Greetings! Today I will be going through a tutorial on how to make spikey helmets or pickelhaubes! Today's tutorial uses a Warzone Resurrection Bauhaus Vorreiters, but the methods used here could be applied to any number of projects including Blood Axe themed Orks to German themed Imperial Guard. Please note that this is a advanced tutorial involving sharp metal, pliers and superglue, for younger readers, please seek the assistance of an adult for this project!

First up, the materials. These should all be readily available from your local hobby craft store, I have included a link at the end of this article for where I get all my supplies from, and a direct link for the pikes has been included for your convenience:

Materials & Tools
Needles or brass pikes - Buy the ones I use HERE
Pliers - NOT regular hobby clippers they may not be strong enough and could break!
Drill bits - The size will depend on the type of needle/brass rod you are using.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Kingdom Death: Satan by Sven NSFW

Well, well, it seems like I really got my motivation for Kingdom Death back running. While all those shiny semi-big monsters and knights are nice this new “wave” is missing something disturbing KD-style. So please bear in mind that the following, is absolutely.


Monday, 14 July 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Etoiles Mortant W.I.P

Greetings, another Warzone Resurrection update, I seem to be flying through these things at the moment! Having finished off the Juggernauts last night, I set to work on the next unit on my check list; the Etoiles Mortant; an all female assassin unit that specialise in combating the Dark Legion. These versions are the Kickstarter backer versions which; although more static; are actually my favourite of the two sculpts. I probably will get the newer version eventually, to boost up the numbers to the full twelve but for now I am very satisfied with the work I have done today.

The general consensus is: more fire! My Juggernauts with OSL flame thrower effects, proved so popular that I have been encouraged to do the same on this new unit. The only problem is the base size, which at 30mm is not a lot of space to work with. However with the input of fellow Warzone I managed to come up with what you see in the photo. Bits of cork mat spaced out allow enough space to anchor a piece of wire, which will have the flames sculpted onto. As a added touch, I will be adding Small droplets of fire to create a flame trail from weapon to target.

I still need to do more cleaning on the legs and of course fill any gaps with green stuff, however my enthusiasm and momentum are high, so fingers crossed we will have another complete unit by the end of the week!

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Juggernauts Completed

Hi guys, amid all the football action - congratulations to our German readers! - I managed to finish off my Bauhaus Juggernauts. Now these are the second generation versions, which are more akin to the exo-armours from the Edge Of Tomorrow movie. The bases are still wet and will require another coat of black paint, and of course I still need to add foliage for some extra detail. But despite these small details, the unit is complete! I had a blast painting them up and it is just a shame that the initial photo did not get all the osl effort I put in to it. This is something I will have to consider carefully once I get round to taking proper gallery shots of the unit.

So next week will be the start of something new for my Bauhaus army...I do have a trio of Vulkans that need cleaning, but I also have the new Vulkans on route. The Grizzly Battle Tank is still waiting for some bits, so I guess I should make a start on some infantry. Right now the Etoile Mortants are winning out, purely because they will have the least amount of prep work to do (also I quite like the miniatures). As much as I want to work on my Hussars and Venusian Rangers, the Hussars need a permanent solution for the fragile head spikes (waiting on something for that) and the Venusian Rangers require putty work for the cloaks and hoods. I may end up building all three units, thus leaving me just painting to worry about.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Darklands: Khthones Liska Mazikilias

In the world of Darklands the kindred of the Khthones is made up by different realms. The Gorgon - snake men, the Krokod - alligator men, the Savrar - lizard men, the Ýdron - hydra men and finally the Líska - basilisk men. Having a passion for snakes and weird reptiles in general, my force will consist of Gorgon, Ýdron and Líska. The Krokod and Savrar are just a bit boring for my taste, but I guess the three other realms are more than enough. So after showing you the beginnings of my Gorgon realm, I will show you in the following article, the Líska.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Vulkans With Fists Build

With the Juggernauts progressing quickly, I have decided to start building a new unit to follow up with straight after. The Bauhaus Vulkan is an iconic miniature with a lot of fans; including me; so naturally when the concepts were announced I knew I wanted a full trio in my Kickstarter pledge. When the miniatures actually arrived though, there were a lot of disappointed fans. Not including the various miscasting, one of the major problems is that when equipped with ranged weapons, the Vulkan just looks odd due to the overly long legs it has, the miniature ends up looking a bit like a chicken as opposed to the chunky looking suit of destruction, luckily one of the things offered during the Kickstarter was power fist arm. For fans of the original this still does not add up, as from a rules perspective, you lose both ranged weapons for a pair of fists, when the original model had a ranged weapon and a fist...so for this incarnation of Warzone, it looks like I will be having close combat Vulkans to start with.

The arm mounts are the same as the ranged weapons, and are quite fragile. To counter this I pinned absolutely everything, which has given me freedom to reposition all the arms as I see fit, before finally gluing. With some hot water, I adjusted the position on some of the fingers to give variety, but generally I have left this set of Vulkans stock as new (and vastly) superior ones are coming - no eta yet. But I am not one for wasting and because of that this trio will get the full paint job and will proudly represent on the table until the new ones eventually turn up. I think it is quite obvious that a great deal of the KS renders were rushed, low and generous stretch goals meant a lot of man power had to be invested into fufillment, but from this Prodos has decided to provide the quality they know they can produce, sooner rather than later. And while for some this is an issue of contention, for me it is a sign of integrity, they want to do Warzone/Mutant Chronicles the justice it truly deserves. 

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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Friday, 4 July 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Juggernauts Paint Progress Shots

Another late night of painting for me as I finalise the highlights for my Bauhaus Juggernaut Squad. These figures are actually the second generation Juggernauts which have a much more fluid feel, due to the better dynamic posing and a better design approach akin to the Edge Of Tomorrow battle suits. I really liked the original 'boxy' Juggernaut concept art and was quite disappointed when Prodos Games took the direction they did due to fan feedback. I can honestly say that the Juggernauts I got with my Kickstarter order, nearly put me off the whole line, so I am immensely happy that they produced the MKII so soon after. 

One of the key struggles with this unit is the vast areas of grey paint, which can look dull if painted flat. By taking a subtle NMM (non metallic metal) approach I think I have added enough stark highlight and subtle shadows to make it stand out on the field. To further make this unit stand out, I am thinking of adding red eyes (maybe with a glow), but what i am hoping is that the osl (object source lighting) effects from the flame bits will be what defines these pieces.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Kingdom Death: Storm Knight By Sven

Feeling totally inspired by having finished the Slender Man and being teased by Adam hinting at new releases I couldn't resist to paint another of the rather recently released Kingdom Death models: The Storm Knight. This of course goes against my original plan of doing a human in-between every two monsters, but I feel that this made me lose motivation after having finished the Scribe early this year.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Late Night Bauhaus Update

Hi guys and gals, just waiting on the bases to dry before I add grass and bits to it and do some gallery shots. I am very pleased with the outcome and am looking forward to extending the paint scheme to the rest of my collection. I have a few units to choose from next, ranging from heavy infantry to the big tank, choices...

I have another two Vorreiters waiting to be built, but I think that will be a few weeks before I work on them as I need a bit of variety to prevent burn out.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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Warzone Resurrection: Bauhaus Rising!

Greetings all, it has been a long time since any hobby content has come from my end, and quite frankly Sven has been doing a Stirling job of providing excellent content during my hobby drought. Two things have signified the end of my complacency: the arrival of my Warzone Resurrection Wave 2 and the carpet fitting of my new hobby room (more on that in another post). So far regular readers will have seen a huge amount of Mishima miniatures being put together and painted up by my self, this is no surprise as the Prodo interpretation of Samurai in space, is quite frankly spot on. However while I truly have enjoyed my Mishima task force, I am at heart a Bauhaus man.

From the outset of 2013's Warzone Kickstarter I had planned to get at the very least one of everything of the initial Bauhaus release, some of the key lures of this being Vulkan Battlesuits, the Grizzly Battle Tank and the new Vorreiters mounted Hussars. In fact I by the end of the KS I ended up doubling up on almost every release, giving me the option to field 10 person squads of infantry. So with Mishima put away for now I immediately started building or dry fitting some of my favourite figures from the current range. I started two days ago with the probably the most intriguing unit, the Vorreiters: