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Darklands: The Angelcynn


It's time to show you my final Darklands kindred: The Angelcynn. These were the second kindred I painted (right after the Ysians), but I lacked a base and had to wait until my replacement had arrived. The Angelcynn are a race of humans and were-animals including wolfs, boars and bears. They are a mainly infantry-based kindred and they lack really big monsters, but I think their forces got a great atmosphere about them. The first batch are nearly 500 Gold and but won't be expanded before the 3rd Mierce kickstarter ships by the end of this year.
The Duguth are the first human-sized unit that I painted for Darklands. The sculpts, like all Mierce casts, are stunning nevertheless. Sadly I broke an ankle of one model when cleaned it and couldn't find it thereafter. More on this later. Also being very detailed, the models turned out easy and effective to paint. I chose a grey-blue as the dominant colour for them that goes well with the grey fur of all the upcoming wolves. Another very interesting note on the Duguth casts: Their spears actually have a brass core and so do not break easily and can even be bent to shape, absolutely great!
Penda is the king of the Angelcynn and already beginning to turn into a wolf. Of course he had to stand out from the rest of the models. He is very big for a human and holds a lot of detail. The dark and not too bright red of the coat and the use of a lot of gold mark him as a character while only a little blue ties him back together with the Duguth unit.

Creal is a Waelfulf Thegn, a big werewulf character. The obvious choice for wolves is grey and the main question was to choose the ones for his "skin" and the fur cloak. I used the same greys as base colours, but washed the skin brown, while washing the cloak dark black.

The final model for this little force is Creoda, currently the biggest wolf produced by Mierce (also an even bigger one is currently in the making). For him I thought a plain colour would be quite boring and so looked at some pictures of real wolves. Actually wolves aren't grey at all. The rather vary from shades of white, brown and black. Nevertheless I used grey as base, to make him fit with the army. 
The army was fast painted within one day and I wanted to finish them with easy but effective bases. I had bought a "Mud & Water" set from Secret Weapons Miniatures which was originally intended for my Kingdom Death projects, but as you've probably seen those use a desert theme. So the set was left unused. It is quite easy to handle. I mixed sand, pigments and water effect to get a muddy mixture and added it to the bases, creating recesses and higher places using an old brush. Then I got another mixture, using different shades of pigments and a thinner consistence to get a natural look.When the mud was dry I added some static grass and pure water effect to the small puddles. Finished! Now came the time to deal with the Duguth with the broken ankle. I placed a big blob of the mud mix at the place where his foot would connect with the base and pressed the model in. I even managed to form the mud into the shape of a foot. Looks absolutely unremarkable.

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