Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Kingdom Death: The Slenderman By Sven

As hinted in DiStudios last post, I have finally finished off some more Kingdom Death goodness in the form of The Slender Man. This figure was first shown off as part of the Kickstarter Monster campaign and immediately ranked among my top 3 Kingdom Death miniatures; the others being the King and Lion God. So when Adam released a resin version I was instantly sold. The concept of a baroque Slenderman being just too awesome to resist. The miniature is quite unique in it's own way, the proportions are just so unnatural and I think it has a great, spooky atmosphere about it, it's also very tall, about twice the size of a regular KD-human and... well slender.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Darklands: The Angelcynn


It's time to show you my final Darklands kindred: The Angelcynn. These were the second kindred I painted (right after the Ysians), but I lacked a base and had to wait until my replacement had arrived. The Angelcynn are a race of humans and were-animals including wolfs, boars and bears. They are a mainly infantry-based kindred and they lack really big monsters, but I think their forces got a great atmosphere about them. The first batch are nearly 500 Gold and but won't be expanded before the 3rd Mierce kickstarter ships by the end of this year.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Site News: Coming This Week

Greetings all! Firstly an apology for the silence these last two weeks, I have been extremely busy at work and so it was decided that the 14th Legion team would take a un-official holiday break. Now this has been a good thing as it has allowed us here to really have a good look at the various projects we are working on and plan for the most interesting parts to share with you. So without further delay here are the various plans projects being worked on by the 14th Legion team.

The Iron Hands are continuing to roll on, especially now that we have seen glimpses of the Gorgon Terminators (latest Forge World blog post). You can expect me to be getting a full squad of ten Gorgon Terminators, as soon as they become available. In the short term, this week readers will be able to catch a glimpse of the ever growing vehicle pool, all lined up in various stages of paint - one to look forward to as there is nothing quite like a like of heavy tanks!

I will also be working on some new Warzone Resurrection figures in the next two weeks. I have finally ordered the excellent Kunshu Dragon Riders from Prodos Games, and expect them to arrive by the end of the week. Prodos have shared renders of a number of Mishima units; including the Crimson Devils, which quite frankly make me very excited to paint again. It has been a rough couple of months keeping motivated with Warzone, as I am still missing my wave 2 fulfilment, which includes the mighty Grizzly tank.

Finally, this autumn something very new should be coming my way. I decided to back the recently finished Last Saga Kickstarter by Nicholas Diaz, a fantastic looking sci-fi skirmish game. he has some amazing concepts and the few sculpts I have seen are simply mind blowing! November is still awhile away but in all honesty, I am very happy that 'Winter is coming...'

Sven has continued to busy himself with his ever growing Mierce range - and what a lovely range of miniatures it is! In fact Sven already has another Mierce article waiting in the wings for publishing, which shows his commitment and love for the range. However, recently he has stated a re-kindling of passion of the Kingdom Death range, if the rumours are true, we can expect some fantastic painted Kingdom Death miniatures very soon, the question is which ones?

So a busy week ahead for the team with lots of eye candy to come! I look forward to sharing the new content very soon.

With thanks,

The 14th legion