Monday, 12 May 2014

Site News: Monday Round Up

Good morning all, I hope you had a great weekend! last week was a slurry of activity as I cracked on with my Iron Hands Immortals and planned out my new Warhammer Fantasy Army. Warzone has taken a back seat for the moment simply due to burn out, but I hope to return to either my Mishima or Buahaus collection when wave 2 finally arrives. I have to admit, Prodos are making it very difficult to work on other projects, with their constant teasing!

Iron Hands Project
I ended up having visitors on Sunday evening, so could not finish off the Immortals as intended, so today I am hoping to make up for lost time. All that is really left to do now, is get the Iron Hand icons on the shield painted and apply weathering/do the bases. While it does sound like a lot, it does not necessarily mean it will be done quickly, as I am doing this project without any form of planning and experimenting at every step. However once I have got a formula I like, it will be applied with speed to the whole army. Below is the current state of the Medusan Immortals and a idea of how all the infantry will look at a basic level.

Things to do after this are bulk up the Tactical Legionnaires (only have 5 at the moment!) and get some more tanks - the Sicaran is appealing to me the most right now. As the can see from the last pictures I do have another five Immortals waiting for paint, I will probably chain paint them with the Tactical infantry, now that I have a defined scheme I will eventually apply it to a full unit of twenty strong, backed up with a Spartan transport - not very efficient game wise, but I think it will look pretty awesome. The Tacitical's will stay at 10 strong, but all have Land Raiders as dedicated transports...

Wood Elves Project
Yes I was unable to resist the call of the wild! I am a closet fan of anything Elvish having been more of an avid Chaos collector in the past. However the original barbaric image of the Wood Elves have always stood out and tempted me. The new model range brings some of that feral ferocity in the form of the new Wild Riders so naturally I jumped at the chance to own/work on these figures. As of now I have a box of Eternal Guard, Wild Riders, Treeman and a High Born with bow to start with.

This collection will be a slow burn project, with the odd post appearing here and there, the main priority still remains the Iron Hands, but I have to admit to being a little excited about painting something Fantasy again, I enjoy swords and sorcery just as much as tank and missile.

So that is a streamline look at what happened last week in my miniatures world, and gives you a heads up of what is to come. I have a solid week or so to myself to go ahead and get painting and I intend to produce results. Both projects have enough miniatures already to make nice looking block of troops when painted, so it is now just a question of getting them done, after that who knows, I might drift back to Warzone or AvP might arrive. Also before I forget the gaming room is still waiting for the carpeting to be done, before I move in, but already I can envision a full table set up and paint area...and it looks really good, I can't wait to get that finished and share the fruits of my labours!

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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  1. Love the iron hand immortals! Great paint job and lovely models!

    1. Cheers fella, I am eagerly awaiting pay day, so I can grab more Iron Hands goodies. Got loads of random crazy units I want to build like 10 grav gun supports squads etc