Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Horus Heresy: Iron Hands Fresh Reinforcements!

As hinted at yesterday, the Sicaran Venator has arrive and like it's predecessor, it is a stunning model. Now I was originally going to get a second Sicaran Battle Tank for outflanking mass shooting shenanigans, but the rule of cool won out over Iron Hands logic based efficiency. I will be getting the second Autocannon version eventually though, but not until I have finished what is on my 'plate' right now. So where does this leave me in terms of armour? Well I have a stacked Heavy Support section now, and since the troop transports will be all Land Raiders, a expensive but durable starting line up with armour 13/14 the norm. While I do have the Cerberus as my Lords Of War choice, in any small points games, the Sicaran trio will take place as the support wing.

I also got a pack of graviton guns, which have been cause for discussion as a few people do not see the value of tactical support squads armed with this weapon. As a solo unit I would be inclined to agree, the fact these are heavy weapons; make them somewhat static; however when you begin to stack this with Terminators armed with Gravitions guns (more specifically Gorgon's), this changes the playing field. What I have in mind, is the Terminators moving around pinning units into place with their initial landing, followed by Tactical Support squads following up via Land Raider deployment...does create a awesome image! Of course practice over theory, I just need to find a test subject...

Once I have finished the Sicaran, I will be moving onto the Proteus Land Raider which has been gathering dust, before going back to infantry. So it might be a while before the Venator see's light of day. I am planning for a group shot by the end of the week as I am keen to show the recent growth to you all.

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The 14th Legion  


  1. All these forgeworld are making my wallet cry a little bit. Looking forward to your paint scheme applied to all these models. Keep up the good work and updates!

    1. A lot of other miniatures - which admittedly have been sitting in boxes for years - were sacrificed to finance this project. Another added bonus, is more space in the office! :)