Friday, 9 May 2014

Horus Heresy: Final Phases of Medusan Immortals!

Having managed to get a couple of days dedicated painting, I am now putting the final touches to my Medusan Immortals squad. Just the gun glows and weathering to go before I can wrap up this portion of the army and move onto some vehicles (and then back to infantry again!). I have to say that group shots never really look right in my eyes, I prefer close ups where viewers can see every line, flake and bit of lint.

The Sergeant's head is currently stuck on a bit of wire ready for me to work on separately tomorrow morning, I have a good idea of how I want this to look, something along the lines of Darth Malgus or a Borg, so lots of blues/purples in the recesses of a grey/pallid skin mix. I am excited to play about with this and see how it contrasts to the rather utilitarian black and iron armour.

I decided to take a close up shot, so everyone can see the how I have gone about the weathering/chipping process. You can't really see it in the group pictures. so close ups all the way, and I feel at this stage there is already a lot of things to look at detail wise like the blue camera lens on the boarding shield and verdigris. The Iron Hand symbol will be done in a stone(ish) maybe even marble effect, depending on how much effort I want to put into this...seeing as this has taken too long already I may just opt for the quick finish.

The Prodos Games commission I did last month, was my first attempt at heat bloom(?) on metal, and a lot of people (rightly) did not like it, looking back at the photo now, it was a great idea, but something I should not have tried to practice on a commission - live and learn. On the plus side I have been spending a great deal of time working on that technique to get it right. I think the above melta gun, finally shows my trial and error paying off, as I think the heat stains look pretty convincing

I was a little worried today working on these, the shoulder pads and backpack were washed with a different brand of inks, after the GW washes left nasty streaks. However the new Army Painter Inks have done the trick and blend perfectly with the rest of the figure. Tomorrow I should be on the finishing stretch, with just the gun glows and Iron Hand insignias to do. i am really looking forward to finally finishing this unit, as quite frankly it is one of my favourite ones to look at!

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