Saturday, 24 May 2014

Hobby: Sunken Temple Bases By Sven

Currently I’m working on the next host for  my Darklands kindreds and due to the failure of my first basing idea, I developed a new one which I’d like to share with you. My first idea was a simple swamp that only consists of water effect and some plants, but the water looked way to flat. I still wanted to keep water on the bases but reduce it quite a bit.
So the concept became “sunken temple” like in this picture.

After my success with polystyrene foam on the Fomoraic rock bases, I wanted to try it out for those again. The easy concept was cutting stripes from a thin board (mine is even a bit too think in my opinion and the other I bought is even thicker) and then carve the gaps between the rocks with a file. That enables me to place the stripes offset, what would have proven quite difficult when trying to file the gaps in a big block. Finally I chipped of the corners of the stripes to make it look worn out.

I glued the stripes in place and primed it black. Then came the shock! The spray primer melt the polystyrene in various places. I believe those were the blocks that I got to close to. Also the result was unintended it didn’t spoil the bases and I decided to add water to the formed depressions.

The stones were painted in a very light beige/grey, washed sepia and then drybrushed again. The base itself was painted dark brown and then camouflage green. Then I added some reed from the worlds biggest basing bitzbox: nature ^^ When the glue had dried I added the first layer of water effect mixed with dark brown wash.

I let it dry over night and today applied a second coat of water effect mixed with a light camouflage green. The colour was heavy pigmented and even a small drop added a very strong tone to the water. In some places the second coat seems to lift the first coat including the colour layer underneath… I wonder whether that happened because the first coat hadn’t fully dried (that apparently takes up to 24 hours, but it seemed fully dry when I touched it today).

All that is left to add is a final coat of water missed with wash tonight and once this is dried I will show you the finished bases including the appending miniatures.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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  1. These look really cool! I was wondering how they were going to come together in the first few photos, but they look awesome in the last photo.

    One suggestion...some swarm tuffs coming out of the water would really lock in the look!

  2. I love what Sven has done with the ruins, very realistic looking and from cheap materials too! I will have to give this a go myself with one of my projects :)

  3. Hey Greg, thanks a lot for your comment, glad you like the bases.
    I'll soon post the finished pics and I did indeed use some turfs on a big base.
    I'd be happy to hear your opinion on those when they're up.

    @ Chris: Do it! And more importantly: Show it ^^

    - Sven

    1. All in good time, I want my Iron Hands to get 100% attention for now haha