Monday, 14 April 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Prodos Games Commissions

Greetings everyone! For those of you who went to Salute this year, I hope you had a great time looking at all the lovely miniatures and increased the heights of your respective hobby mountains! Sadly I could not be there this year due to work commitments, which is a shame as I was really looking forward to meeting the Prodos Games team: responsible for the excellent Warzone Resurrection and up coming Aliens Vs Predator board game. If you did manage to pay their stand a visit, you might of come across a couple of pieces painted by myself for their display cases...

I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these figures, ever since I saw the renders on their Facebook page and Prodos did not disappoint! From the demonic Kabuto masks to the Sashimono banners, every ounce of these figures pour character. The colour scheme was decided by Prodos Games, to match the art work and at request of fellow Warzone fans I will be doing a step by step for the reds I use. I can't wait to start my set of six, which will be in the typical dark blues of my army scheme.

The Eradicator Death Droid is a very impressive chunk of resin, it stands roughly 8 inches tall and has enough bulk to make it stand out among kits of similar size. What is most impressive though is the price; it is quite a fair bit cheaper than other manufacturers considering that it is all resin. This figure alone has tempted me to start a Cybertronic army, but at two factions of worth of models already I will be stuck at the painting table for a very long time as it is!

I decided very early on that I wanted a Apple/I robot feel to the figure, so white panels and clean stripes for colour breaks, however after applying the shade and base I quickly decided to add weathering to make it look less boring. The large expanses of armour mean that singular colours are really going to dominate a large model like this, so extra detail should be added to keep the piece interesting.

For that reason I decided to add lots of hand painted weathering, firstly adding lines/spots of black, and then adding dark flesh paint on top, making sure to leave some black showing. I made sure to place the Cybertronic symbol on the nose as oppose to the shoulder pads, again to break the expanses of white, I think I could have done it slightly larger than it is, but overall I am happy with how it looks.

At the request of Mark (director of Prodos games) I added some free hand circuitry in a subtle green, I had wanted to do a matrix style set of stripes on various armour plates, but I think that may have been overkill and in fact less has become more in this case. I also added some glowing effects to again break up the expanses of white armour, which I think it is effective and draws the eye to the piece.


As I was taught by good old Gamesworkshop: "When it's good it's your fault, when it's s**t it's your fault", and I will be the first to put my hands up and admit that there are some problems with the piece. I did not  initially pick up on the mistakes, but other fans have kindly done so. The heat stains on the fusion style gun are off and some people have mistaken it for glow, this is a technique I will practice on until I get it right, and naturally once I do, I will share my results here, I know how to apply the technique, I just need to master it. Some people don't like the vent glow, I actually do as it is a nod to the original piece that had 'eyes' painted in a similar colour but sadly that detail did not translate to the 2014 version...perhaps it was best that style of sculpting was left in the 90's haha. Also the hazard stripes on the chain saw are a little off, which is unusual for me as I tend to get those right 90% of the time, these are always painted free hand, I never use masking tape as more often than not, when I use masking tape the lines look really off - maybe I have issues with my eyes that need investigating haha!

Despite the issues above, I had a great time painting this piece despite having never touched a Cybertronic figure before (I am Bauhaus and Mishima through and through!) and I can only say thank you to Mark and Prodos Games for giving me a shot at doing a 'professional commission' - please note I am using this in the loosest possible way as I appreciate I am not by any means a pro painter - I am really pleased that they did use the pieces for the Salute convention and I hope that the job is good enough for future use by the guys at Prodos. If I am very lucky, I might even get the honour of painting a few more bits for them.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

Prodos Games now have a brand new website, check it out HERE


  1. loving the paint job on it looks amazing!! could this be a good proxy for a imperial knight titan?

    1. Cheers Ben!

      It's just a tad shorter than the Imperial Knight and does not have as wide a profile, but other than. What i have found, is that the all infantry range make for really cool Imperial Guard alternatives! (check out the tanks too...)