Thursday, 17 April 2014

Horus Heresy: Medusan Immortals WIP

Things are going according to schedule, with the battle damage and osl complete on my squad of Medusan Immortals. I am very pleased with my first attempt at sponge weathering and am looking forward to speeding through my infantry with this technique. The test shield also turned out according to plan, which means I will proceed to paint the shields and weaponry over the next few days, one last test needs to be completed, which is the weapons glow (more on that when I get to it), but for now here are some progress shots - albeit bad photos, which have turned out a little bleached for some reason. With things looking the way I envision, I am a little skeptical about possibly ruining it all with pigment dust.

I am not going to make the mistake of putting a time frame on this unit; despite how much is complete; as this normal jinx's the whole thing and ends up taking longer than it should. What I will say is that I am pleased so far with the pace and look forward to painting more infantry up, before finally moving onto the vehicles. I have a substantial amount of armour waiting in my vehicle pool, and these will all take some time to build and prep before even getting to the paint stage, however it will be worth the wait, as the sheer amount of Land Raider chassis will be impressive to say the least, when laid out on the table.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th legion


  1. Nice start on some cool minis!
    Love the blue highlight around the eyes.

    1. Cheers SinSynn, I am having a lot fun with these lot of miniatures. I can't wait to get my grubby paws on the upcoming Gorgon Terminators!

  2. excellent Iron Hands mate, what black/grey combo did you use?

    1. Thanks, glad you like them.

      the armour is standard black followed by a highlight of German grey, final highlights are German grey + white. To tie everything together, a black wash was applied.