Sunday, 9 March 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Tiger Dragon's WIP

Greetings all, some Mishima goodness in the form of the new Tiger Dragons! This awesome unit has been given a update by Prodos Games and in my opinion it is an excellent evolution. Although the bare heads are gone, what we get instead are some incredible new kabuto mask designs. While I have raged on about how awesome the masks are on the Mishima range as a whole, there is a lot more definition on  the Tiger Dragons when compared to the earlier Hatamoto.

I need to do a decent size comparison, but right now they feel slightly larger than the Hatamoto troopers, of course the fact they are on much bigger bases is a give away, but I will do a side by side comparison soon just to be sure. The colours are based on the artwork at the request of the client, the deep reds will be offset by some blazing orange eye lenses, which I think will look really cool if I do them correctly.

At time of writing I am actually near completion having opted to keep the arms off, until the client verified that he was happy with the current state - easier to repaint with the arms off. I am looking forward to adding the weapons to these figures, as they are some pretty cool looking designs in general. There is a small area on the back of the loin cloths, which can fit the handle of the loose assault rifle, you only get the one loose rifle in the kit so I do wonder why we have three body types with this indentation

Although they do not look like much now, the greenstuff on the bases are part of a bigger picture in mind. Because I ran out of cork, I used putty to build up frame works for the sand and slate layer. Once textured the bases will be done in jungle/forest style, which will hopefully offset all the red with some nice natural browns and green. 

Having now had a first hand opportunity to paint these figures, I am very excited to start my own squad. I currently have one pack (3 models) ready to work on, but have ordered a second, so I will have the full compliment of six Tiger Dragons in the future. Fingers crossed I will be getting that second order soon as a full compliment of six Tiger Dragons will look fantastic on the table as well as in the display case.

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Warzone Resurrection is a great game and miniature,check it out HERE

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