Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Warzone Resurrection: New Imperial Teaser!!

Prodos games have released this new teaser render for their upcoming Imperial release. While most people seem to recognize the synonymous beret of the Imperial Special Forces, what people can't decide is; just what branch of Special Forces does this figure come from? I am liking the claws, it is a nice throw back to the mourning Wolves and I hope that this becomes the trade mark weapon for Imperial close combat weaponry, much like how samurai swords are for Mishima. 

My initial reaction is Golden Lions, based purely off the claws, while others seem convinced that it will be Blood Berets or something completely new and similar to the Bauhaus Juggernauts. Either way, people are excited about this render and it looks like the Imperial faction will generate a huge amount of interest at this year's salute convention.

With all the latest Warzone renders, it looks like Prodos are cranking all the way to 11, so I better make sure I get to the Prodos stand nice and early!

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Warzone Resurrection is a great game and miniature,check it out HERE

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  1. Impatient to see arrive these novelties. The teaser is nice