Thursday, 23 January 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Tanks & Sharks!

Prodos Games have dispelled any fears that Warzone: Resurrection would be neglected by the upcoming Aliens Vs Predators board game. Following the very popular preview renders of the Mishima Tiger Dragons, pictures have surfaced of the next intended figure release and more importantly render progress of the Bauhaus and Capitol Heavy tanks.

The Blue Shark has been shown previously, but at the time of image release, was listed as waiting for approval, and judging by the lack of any discernible changes, this original concept and sculpt ticks all the boxes. While I am not a fan of the Capitol faction, I am a fan of this miniature, the jet bike is a nice design and the character himself well sculpted and pouring with detail.

The tanks have been an interesting subject for Prodos Games and subject to various delays, leading to the need for a Wave 2 release schedule. This coupled with the already delayed Kickstarter delivery date (originally Summer 2013, but pushed back to Autumn 2013), irked a lot of backers who had already felt the sting with sub par Kickstarters by other companies (not going to name). Never the less, in true Prodos fashion, updates have been very consistent and the staff as forth coming as possible on information.

One of the problems face by the original renders was a lack of detail, which led to a unpopular decision to re-do the renders. Of course, judging by the images released by Prodos, the wait has been worthwhile, although I have some reservations about the boxier Bauhaus Grizzly. Again I do actually like the Leviathan (Capitol tank), the twin autocannon and generally brutal looking design, remind me a bit of Command and Conquer designs.

Regardless of the delays I am in favour of the new renders and cautious release approach. While Prodos Games miniatures are certainly not lacking in details, some of the details on my miniatures are far too fine, so to have new renders with exaggerated cuts means a sharper cast/print. I am expecting good things from these tanks, but of course am anxious to see something heavy for my Mishima force...while I don't expect anything with tracks or wheels, I am certainly expecting something with two very stompy feet!

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Warzone Resurrection is a great game and miniature,check it out HERE

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