Monday, 6 January 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Mishima Tiger Dragons Render

After much anticipation, Prodos Games have released a teaser of their next Warzone Resurrection release and if you are a Mishima fan like my self, you will not be disappointed. The Tiger Dragons are as iconic unit as the Hatamoto with twin Sashimono banners and power naginatas. What I like about Prodo's re-imagining is that they have opted once again for the Oni styled kabuto masks, that are prooving very popular with the fans.  From the render, it looks like the unit will come with the HMG weapon (a heavy machine gun) which will be a welcome fire power addition to what is a melee intensive release so far.

I am sure Prodos will produce an official update via their Kickstarter showing more of the renders and should they do this, I will add the new photos to this post. There was no indication of any other releases but it is still early days with Kickstarter shipments still needed fulfilment. However it is encouraging to see new non KS renders as it shows an attempt at longevity and development of the brand.

I am hoping for an end of January pre-order for the Tiger Dragons and who knows, this month may be a multiple trickle release for Mishima...fingers crossed! 

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Warzone Resurrection is a great game and miniature line I highly recommend, check it out HERE

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