Thursday, 16 January 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Mishima Meka Paint Progress

More progress on the first of my trio of Mishima Meka. Hobby time has been so scattered this week as per last and I am glad to have gotten a solid painting session in today. As you can see from the photos, this Meka is on the closing stages of it's paint job. Today has mainly consisted of figuring out what I wanted to do with the arms and the head and also the base. After consulting other members of the Warzone forums, it was decided that a more Asian forest (with bamboo) would look better than the barren snow fields I had planned originally. I am liking this idea a great deal as it is something I have not tried to do before, so I am excited about the challenge of bringing this to 'life'.

While working on the blade arm, I ran into a few colours issues. The right arm has a large amount of red due to the wrist guard/generator(?) and originally I had the fist painted up in the same red, but it looked rubbish, coming across more like a weird rotund Spider Man than a ancient engine of destruction! So I changed fist back to blue instead, which in my opinion works better with the subtle wrist blade green. I decided not to do any osl on the blade and instead have painted it in metals inked with green. This is because the figure as a whole has so much in terms of colour, that any large osl would have been lost amounts the reds and rich blue. While a glow emanating towards the fist and shield would look cool, I just think the effect would be swallowed by the already vibrant colours.

With the head, I originally planned to do the whole thing green osl, but I think again would have been lost amounts the bright colours of the Dragon Koi tattoo. Instead I brought back the strong blues as a back drop for a small amount of green osl (to represent the visor). This has worked better, allowing the green to show up and actually have a better impact on the figure. I did have problems with the green visor, at first bringing too stark a contrast, but after a little blending here and there, I managed to come up with what you see here.

All that remains now, is to finish the reds of the arms and highlight the metals. While the reds will be quite intensive; requiring multiple shades and highlights; the metals will be simple and therefore quick. I am really anticipating finishing this figure, as it has taken longer than expected - but this was due to the fact I felt a little burnt out from model making as a whole last week/weekend. As a follow up I have already started working on a design for the second Meka and it is going to be so much more elaborate than Dragon Koi here. The build itself is going to be unique and quite fun, right now I am dubbing is as Project Red Tide ^^

I have to admit, one of the best things about painting Warzone Resurrection miniatures, is the unfamiliarity. Because Mishima had a limited release last edition, I have had the chance to make things up as I go along, something that I don't readily get a chance to do with other well established brands, and this I think is what is keeping Warzone Resurrection such an interesting project for me.

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The 14th Legion

Warzone Resurrection is a great game and miniature,check it out HERE


  1. That looks fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing your next Meka. Curious about your comment about Mishima's "limited release." They were a fully fleshed out faction in previous incarnations of the game as well as the RPG, not that you should be beholden to anybody else's portrayal of them of course.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments,

      Please note my comment was aimed at Target Game's 2nd ed miniature releases and not background. 2nd Ed Warzone did a lot of great re-sculpts for it's time; i still love my Bauhaus Jaegars; however they never got round to redoing much of the Mishima range due to liquidation which was a missed opportunity.

    2. Gotcha, and completely agreed. While the bushido samurai were great sculpts, and I loved the new characters they produced, it was a shame we never got to see new sculpts for the hatamoto and others. I've got some Mishima in my order from Prodos, if it ever gets here, and your work has definitely made me eager to get some paint on the figs.

    3. The figures will be worth the wait, I can promise you that. The level of detail, (especially on the infantry) is excellent and the rule set innovative, and quite frankly having looked at their last update, it really does seem they have been hit with bad luck concerning the courier. On the plus side, at least they are starting to deliver, other KS's started in 2012 are still to deliver and have not had the level of communication that Prodos has delivered since starting.