Saturday, 11 January 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Mishima Meka Paint WIP

I put up a couple of shots last night on Facebook and the Prodos forums, but completely forgot to add a post here! I took some fresh(er) pictures of the current state of the Mishima Meka, these shots are later shots compared to the ones I posted yesterday and show off far more of what I envision of the model. The frontal 'tattoo' is a Dragon Koi done in freehand. I did not use any stencils or outline in pencil - I tried in the beginning but it looked so messy that it was unworkable.

I am very happy with the way the reds are turning out. because it is much larger surface areas, I have gone one to two stages higher with the highlighting and although this ends up being a much more purple/pink in colour, a simple wash of red ties everything together again.

I decided to take a couple of side shots on recommendation of the missus. This way viewers cans see the extra details I have painted on like the whiskers, teeth and beard. I don't know why I did not think of it earlier, as these angles show a huge amount of detail that was missed in yesterday's shot. 

I had a little problem  with the metals turning out flaky. Two coats of chain mail have been applied and the intention is to ink it down with a mix of brown and black, this will give it much needed definition. I am going with a much darker look for the metals; as opposed to the blue wash I used on the Hatamoto; as there is much more surface area of metals and I also wanted to reflect the more archaic nature of the vehicle - according to background these vehicles have been handed down generation to generation and are diesel powered.

I have made a few plans for the rest of the model. While the assault cannon is simple enough, I need to put a little thought into how I want the energy blade to look. Going with the standard electric blue will not work as the majority of the model is already blue, so right now I am thinking either a rich purple or even more controversially orange/yellow. i will be playing around with these colours to see what fits best.

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