Saturday, 4 January 2014

Warzone Resurrection: Mishima Meka Build With Sashimono Banners

Greetings all, the Hatamoto squad is now complete and I will be doing a gallery shoot tomorrow afternoon, in the mean time I have been working (and pondering) on the Mishima Meka. The re-design by Prodos Games has been subject to discussion due to the deviation from background and original miniature from the 90's. The Meka is described in source books as being a giant battle suit, so for me I feel the new Meka fits the description, however some players argue that it should be more of a giant Samurai robot, perhaps a kin to the Silver Samurai from the latest wolverine movie. I am glad they did not do this as I would rather see the Warheads in this design, giving rise to the image of the ancestors coming to battle once again. I will agree on one thing though, the new design does seem a little alien when compared to the new Ronin models and only a slight semblance to the Hatamoto. Because of this I decided that a small modification would be required to better tie in the Meka (well to my force anyway), in the form of Sashimono banners: iconic Japanese back banners worn on the back by infantry men.

(original Meka design)

Like with the bases, I am keen now to work on my miniatures and the thought of waiting a week or so for bits did not appeal. Further more after building my own bases, I was keen to try my hand once again at building my own bits as opposed of taking the easy route of clicking a purchase button. The banner poles are from a single pieces of 3 mm brass rod (if I recall), bent at the top to right angles. The banners are made from thin plasticard cut to shape and affixed to the banner poles with no less  than 7 pieces of cut plasticard to fasten them - this is the same method I use when creating leather strip guards. I am happy with the result and glad that I did not have to wait for anything or spend, I think these will look very vibrant in rich red once I get round to painting (hopefully tomorrow?). In terms of colour, it has been suggested that I use the same colours for the Hatamoto on this unit, and while at first I did not like the idea of it I think the addition of the Sashimono's as a colour break will actually work in favour of midnight blues, I will have a play around tomorrow and see what the result is.

I had intended to write about new releases for Warzone today, due to indications that new renders were ready to be released, however Prodo's did not give out any new information. A shame really as I would have liked to see their new take on the Tiger Dragons.

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Warzone Resurrection is a great game and miniature,check it out HERE

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